Why Isn’t My Roku TV Working? Here’s What You Need to Know!

You came to home from job, and want to watch Tv show. You turned your Tv on but due to some reasons your Tv is not turning on, you put effort to solve this but failed. Don’t lose hope our expert guide will help you to troubleshoot Roku Tv issues. In this guide, we will learn the mystery behind why isn’t my Roku tv working.

Why Isn’t My Roku TV Working: Troubleshooting 2024

Why Isn't My Roku TV Working?
Roku Tv

Before manually restarting your TV, look for any loose cables and a dead remote. There can be many reasons behind Roku Tv not turning on. In this article, we will learn and fix all Roku Tv issues to make it work again.

Fixing Roku TV Problems

If your Roku Tv not responding, there can be several issues behind this, such as:

  1. New batteries are required for your remote.
  2. Your TV and remote control are no longer connected.
  3. Your television isn’t receiving power.
  4. The television’s hardware is faulty.

If your Roku Tv won’t turning on and blinking a red light indicate that, your Roku Tv may have power supply or hardware issues

Roku TV Won’t Start: How to fix

Try these troubleshooting steps before going to manufacturer, when your Roku Tv refuse to turn on.

Check Remote

Why Isn't My Roku TV Working?
Check Remote

Verify that you are using the right remote. If you have multiple Roku TV’s in your home then make sure that you are using the remote which is paired with you Roku Tv.

Check Cables

Cables play a role of back bone in proper working of Tv. Maybe your Roku Tv not working because of loose or damage cables.

Roku tv not turning on
Separate Loose or damage cables

Verify that power cable is plugged correctly then check power outlet is working properly.

Tip: To check is the power outlet is working fine, plug Tv into another outlet.

Look for remote interference

Look for any interference which is blocking remote signals. Roku Tv remote uses infrared (IR) connection technology. If you see any blockage then remove it from there. Press power buttons or home buttons multiple time before the Tv responds.

Tip: Remote may not work from large distance, sit nearby tv to operate.

Reset your Roku Remote

Unplug your Tv, remove batteries from remote and wait 5 seconds before resetting it. Sometimes, unresponsive remote start working because of this act. If remote works then well and good if not replace old batteries with new ones.

Try Roku Remote App

Download Roku remote app and pair it with you Roku Tv. App available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Physical Power Button

Roku tv not responding
Physical Power Button

Roku Tv have physical power button, use it to turn on Roku Tv. The button may be located at the bottom of the Tv. Learn how to turn Roku tv on without remote.

Restart the Roku TV.

Unplug Roku Tv from outlet, press power button on Tv for almost 10 to 15 seconds, then plug the tv again and turn on Tv. You can also use remote to restart the Roku Tv, follow the sequence on the remote to restart Roku Tv. Press Home five times > Up arrow > Rewind > Fast forward.

Factory Reset Roku Tv

If still your Roku Tv not turning on, factory reset is the last option you left. Factory reset will remove each and everything from you Tv, which means that all issues will resolve automatically and your tv will start working.

Professional Help

If still the issue persist reach out for professional help. Go to Roku support website and ask for help.


Why Isn’t My Roku TV Working?

There can be various issues behind Roku Tv malfunctioning such as TV’s software or hardware issue, faulty remote or damage cables can be the reason from Roku Tv not working.

How do I connect a Roku TV to Wi-Fi without the remote?

You can connect Roku Tv to Wi-Fi by using Ethernet Cable or using Mobile App.


So, in this guide we learnt the mystery behind Roku Tv not Working. Various factors effects the proper working of Tv, solve them step by step to make Tv work proper.

If you still have any issue comment box is only for you guys, ask any question our team will respond you as quick as feasible. Please also share this peace of information with your friends.

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