Why Is My Roku TV So Slow? Get the Speed Back Today

Your Roku Tv is slow and giving late respond and you want to fix it, then you are at the right destination. Many people like you are also facing this Roku behavior such as Roku Tv performance issues, Roku Tv lagging and Roku’s slow speed.

Learn, why is my Roku Tv so slow? and fix this issue in short time, follow steps that will be presented to you and enhance Roku Tv speed.

My Roku TV So Slow: Why and How to Fix

Roku is a type of smart Tv that utilize technology from streaming media manufacturer Roku. Roku TVs also have partnership with other smart Tv brands TCL, Philips and Insignia. Slowing down of Roku TV is a common issue and can be solved easily. Let’s delve into Roku Tv slow issue to solve it.

Causes of Roku Tv Running Slow

There can be many causes behind Roku Tv running slow. If Roku Tv works slowly it will waste your time and make you behave angry. Let’s find out main causes of Roku Tv slow speed.

Why Is My Roku TV So Slow?
Common Issue

Causes can be:

  1. Slow or unstable Internet connection.
  2. Outdated Firmware.
  3. Faulty hardware such as damaged remote.
  4. Faulty installed apps or channels.
  5. Over populated network.

Troubleshooting Roku TV Slowness

There are many solutions for Roku Tv slow speed issue. Follow given solution to increase Roku Tv speed.

Speed Up My Roku TV
Troubleshooting steps
  1. Restart Roku Tv
  2. Check Internet Connection
  3. Replace Roku Tv Remote Batteries
  4. Delete Unnecessary Apps and Channels
  5. Update Roku Tv Software
  6. Factory Reset Your Roku Tv

Implement these steps to solve Roku Tv slowness, before going in in-depth method. Maybe these steps solve your issue and save your time.

Restart Roku Tv

Why is my Roku Tv so Slow? The first solution for this question is to restart Roku Tv. Restarting Roku Tv is like a soft reset it will remove all minor bugs and clear memory so your Tv can perform good.

Roku TV Running Slowly Solutions
restarting tv can solve minor issues

Restarting Roku Tv can help you to increase Roku Tv speed. Follow two steps presented below to restart Roku Tv.

  1. Unplug Roku Tv From Power outlet
  2. Restart Using Remote

Unplug Roku Tv From Power Outlet

Unplug your Roku Tv from power outlet and remain it unplug for almost 30 to 60 seconds, then plug the Tv back in power outlet. This will restart your Roku Tv automatically.

Restart Using Remote

Follow steps to restart Roku Tv using remote.

  1. Tap Home button on remote.
  2. Navigate to Setting>System>System Restart.
  3. Now, follow the prompts on Roku Tv screen to restart it.

Check Internet Connection

Sometimes, Roku tv performing slow because of internet connection. Slow or unstable internet connection can cause the slowness of Roku Tv.

Improving Roku TV Speed
internet speed effects the speed of tv

Here’s how to check internet connection.

  1. Turn on Roku Tv, tap Home button on Roku Remote.
  2. Navigate to Settings>Network>About. Here you can check your internet connection strength or speed etc.
  3. To check connection, tap on Check Connection and wait few minutes.
  4. If the graph show excellent or good results its mean you have a strong internet connection or if the graph show weak or bad results it mean you have unstable internet connection.

If you internet is slow or unstable perform this to boost Roku Tv internet speed.

  1. Restart your Router.
  2. Disconnect your Roku Tv and connect it back with internet.
  3. Bring router closer to Roku Tv.
  4. If your Roku refuse to connect with Wi-Fi you can read this post.
  5. Switch your Roku connection from Wi-Fi to ethernet as ethernet is more stable.

Replace Roku Tv Remote Batteries

Remote is the most essential component of Tv and play a role of back bone for controlling Tv. If there is insufficient power in the batteries to send signals from the remote controller to the Roku Tv, you will find your Roku Tv is slow to respond to remote. To handle his issue you only need to replace old batteries with new batteries.

Delete Unnecessary Apps and Channels

Sometimes, unused apps and channels caused a main reason behind the slowness of Roku Tv. If you also have many unnecessary apps and channels on your Roku Tv you must have to remove them to enhance Roku Tv speed. Here’s how to delete unused apps and channels.

  1. Navigate to Home screen on Roku Tv.
  2. Select unused apps and press “*” button on remote.
  3. Then, choose Remove Channel button and press OK to remove the app.
  4. Repeat same steps to remove reset of unused apps.
  5. After that unplug Roku tv from outlet and plug it in again after 40 to 60 seconds.
  6. Now, check “Roku is Slow” problem have been solved.

Learn how can you Remove apps or channels from Roku Tv.

Update Roku Tv Software

Outdated software can cause the Roku slowness issue. Update your Roku Tv software to increase Roku Tv speed.

Slow Response on Roku TV
Outdated firmware also effect the performance of tv

Here’s how to update Roku Tv software to boost Roku Tv speed.

  1. Tap Home button of remote.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Go to System>System Update.
  4. Check for update.
  5. Download and install if the update is available.

Outdate software also increase security risks so double check for any kind of software update.

Factory Reset Your Roku Tv

If above methods doesn’t works and your Roku tv Speed is still slow factory reset is the last option you left. Factory Reset will help you to boost Tv speed. Here’s how you can factory reset your Roku Tv.

  1. Turn on Roku Tv.
  2. Navigate to Settings>System>Advanced System Settings>Factory Reset.
  3. Follow prompts to complete resetting process.
  4. Once, reset finished connect Wi-Fi to your Tv and download desired apps and channels.
  5. Now, check either Roku speed is slow or increased.

Note: Factory resetting will remove all downloaded material make sure to take backup of important files or channels.


Why Is My Roku TV So Slow?

There can be several issues behind slowness of Roku Tv. Sometimes, slow or unstable internet connection, outdated firmware, faulty hardware and faulty installed apps or channels are the main reason behind Roku Tv slowness.

How to make your Roku run faster?

By using strong and stable internet connection and by keeping TV’s software up-to-date, you can make your Roku Tv run faster.

Why is my Roku TV so slow and laggy?

Weak and unstable internet connection, outdate firmware and damaged hardware are the reasons behind Roku Tv Slowness and laggy.


So, in this guide we learnt about how to boost the speed of Roku Tv which is suffering from Slow speed. Laggy Roku Tv is bit annoying but you can fix it in a proper way. You only need to pay attention on the given steps to increase Roku Tv performance.

If you still have any issue regarding Roku Tv Slow speed or performance issues, then feel free to comment and also share this piece of information with your friends.

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