Samsung TV Ghosting? Why Does My Samsung TV Turn On by Itself?

You woke up in the middle of the night and you heard the sound of your Tv. Somehow your Tv turned on by itself. This is really disgusting that how a Tv can be on by itself. A Tv turning on by itself is a common issue and can be solved by some easy steps. Here are the main reasons why your Tv turns itself on and how to avoid this.

Note: All TV types and brands are covered by this guide, but it focuses on those made by Vizio, Samsung, and Sony.

why does my Samsung tv turn on by itself: A comprehensive guide

Samsung smart TVs are among the best in the market because of its durability and low budget. It provide various functions to its users. There are many benefits of having a Samsung smart Tv.

The disgusting issue is when your Samsung Tv turns on by itself. The main point to be noted here is that this issue is not specially found in smart TVs but also in Non-smart TVs and can be solved easily.

why does my Samsung tv turn on by itself

There can be many reasons why your tv turning on by itself. Before going to in-depth fixation let’s discuss common reasons.

  • The Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) feature is active.
  • The eco-solution feature is turned on.
  • Bad power outlet.
  • Outdated TV software.
  • The Sleep timer setting is enabled.
  • Connection issues.
  • The button on the remote is stuck.
  • The TV is overheating.

These can be the main reasons behind turning on of your tv automatically. These issues can be annoying and disturbing.

Samsung TV Turning On Automatically-Fixes

As I mentioned above that this issue is annoying this is the point at which you begin to wonder if your TV is smart or not. There can be many troubleshooting methods that can be used to solve these issues.

Implement given troubleshooting methods to resolve issue.

Power Cycle the TV

why does my samsung tv turn on by itself
Experience a quick and effective reset by learning how to unplug your TV.

In the first step of resolving issue unplug your tv from the power outlet and leave it for all least 60 seconds. In this step all you have to do is to disconnect each an everything from tv like tv remote and all connected devices. After removing the power source press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.

This step will do a soft reset and clear the TV’s RAM. After 60 second plug you tv back into the power outlet. Now observe that tv is turning on by itself or not if not then well and good if yes you should try other troubleshooting methods.

Check for Cable Damages and Loose Cables

Power cables also play an important role in proper functioning of tv. Damaged or loose power cable may also leads to turning on tv by itself.

Using damaged or loose power cable is harmful for Tv. So get it change and your tv should not turning itself on.

Check HDMI Connection and Cable

tv turn on by itself
Sometimes damaged HDMI cable also the reason behind auto turning on of the tv

HDMI cables allows us to connect different devices with Tv. You must try this method if you are connected with multiple devices.

  • Remove all the connected devices and connect them back.
  • Make sure to select the correct source. If your device is connected to HDMI 2, select this from the Source menu. And if no HDMI device are connected, make sure Source is set to TV.
  • Utilize only high-grade HDMI cables.

Inspect the TV Remote

Close-up of a hand holding a Samsung TV remote control, examining the buttons for any issues or malfunctions
Check all buttons on remote especially the power button.

Tv remote is an important device used to control tv. As we all know that tv remote also has power button (in red color) we can also utilize it for turning off or on the tv. Sometimes that button stays pressed and disturb the working of tv. Your TV may be turning on by itself due to a damaged remote.

To solve this issue you can use a pin to slowly free the button. This should solve the issue of your Samsung TV turning on repeatedly.

Check for Software Updates

tv turn on by itself
Sometimes the outdates software also making problem. Make sure that you tv has up to date software

A software bug may also leads to this behavior of your Tv. By the way smart TVs provide the auto update feature for your tv but sometime due to many reasons software of the tv remains outdated that may cause in turning on of your tv by itself. In this situation you should have to check for update manually.

Here is how you can update the software of your Samsung TV.

  • Press the Settings button on your TV remote and select All Settings.
  • Select the Settings menu and then Navigate over to Support.
  • Now choose Software Update followed by Update Now.
  • If there are any available updates, the Samsung TV will immediately download them.

Disable Power On Option

If you are using multiple devices in a room being control using Smart Things app by Samsung you might disable the power on option.

Here’s how to do it.

  • On your TV’s home screen select the Settings option.
  • Navigate to Connections followed by Network.
  • Navigate to Expert Settings and select Power On with Mobile.
  • Guarantee to select the Off option to turn this feature off.
  • Your Samsung TV should no longer turn on by itself.

Check TV Event Logs

Samsung TVs released in 2019 and later allow users to view logs for their televisions. Here’s how to view the event logs for your Samsung TV.

  • Grab the TV remote and press the Setting key to access All Settings.
  • Now, select Support from the menu.
  • Choose About TV then Event Logs.

If you see Power on Reason in the Event Logs it could be one of the following reasons why your TV turned on.

  • if you are using YouTube app on your tv connected to the same network that could be causing your TV to turn on by itself. In the condition you can switch to another access point when using YouTube on another device
  • When your TV is set to Ambient Mode, its brightness sensor automatically adjusts itself. To fix this, simply turn off the Ambient Mode feature.
  • When you turn on a device, the TV may turn on as well because they are both programmed to turn on whenever either is turned on. You can solve this by turning off Bluetooth on your other device, or perhaps on your TV.

Use Samsung Device Care

After applying all method presented above if you are still facing the same issue you must reach out Samsung device care for professional help.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Press the Home button on the remote and then select Settings.
  • Go to Support then select Device Care.
  • Select Start Device Care and the scan will begin.

Factory Reset your Samsung TV

Factory Reset your Samsung TV
If troubleshooting methods are not working then the option left is doing factory reset

If you are still getting the same issue that your tv is turning on by itself then factory reset is the last option you left. By doing factory reset your Samsung tv will get back with the default settings. This step will clear all minor and major bugs. Keep in mind that all your factory reset will erase all of your data installed and stored in the tv. Almost all Samsung TVs have same method of factory reset.

Here’s how you can perform it:

  • Press the Menu button on your tv remote.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Support.
  • Choose Self Diagnosis.
  • Select Reset.
  • Enter the PIN (default is 0000).
  • Confirm the reset.
  • Wait for the TV to restart.

After all if your are still facing the same issue I recommend you to seek Professional help. If you also have issues with an LG TV? Find out more about the reason behind the self-healing of your LG TV.


Why is My Samsung TV Turning On by itself?

There could be many reasons for the Samsung TV turning on by itself. It could be due to a remote control a disorder power outlet or something else. We have added some troubleshooting methods to help you resolve the problem.

Why does my TV turn on automatically in the middle of the night?

Check your TV for any timers or sleep timers that may be set. These settings can turn on the TV at predetermined times. Disable any unnecessary timers. Power fluctuations or brief interruptions in the power supply can cause the television to turn on.

How can I prevent my Samsung TV from turning on automatically?

Check and disable any scheduled timers turn off HDMI-CEC (Anynet+) ensure Auto Power Off is disabled and disconnect external devices if they’re causing interference.


  • Samsung TVs that turn on by themselves can be frustrating but understanding.
  • Common causes such as scheduled timers HDMI-CEC settings or external device interference can aid in troubleshooting.
  • Following the steps presented above such as checking settings updating firmware and troubleshooting remote controls will usually resolve this issue.
  • If the problem persists seek professional help or contact Samsung support for further assistance.

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