how to turn up volume on vizio tv without remote [5 easy and best ways]

You want to enjoy your favorite Tv show, but the TV’s volume on mute or low and you want to increase sound on Vizio Tv. Unluckily, you lost, misplaced or broken your Vizio Tv remote and want to turn up volume on Vizio tv without remote then you are on the right place.

You can increase sound on Vizio TV without remote by using different methods. In the modern era, everything is advance and every task can be done using different methods. So, don’t hesitate our guidance will help you alot.

Turn Up Volume on Vizio Tv Without Remote: Guide 2024

Remote is an essential component of Tv and play a role of back bone for controlling TV’s functions like adjusting Vizio TV audio.

Turn Up Volume on Vizio Tv Without Remote
Turn tv volume up without remote

The question is that what to do if you lost or misplaced your vizio Tv remote?. How will you adjust Vizio TV sound levels without remote?. In this situation, you need an expert guidance that we will provide you.  Follow the guidance that we will provide you to boost Vizio TV volume manually.

Here’s the 5 ways to maximize volume on Vizio TV without remote.

  1. Using Physical Button.
  2. Using universal Remote control.
  3. Using Vizio Mobile App.
  4. Using HDMI-CEC.
  5. Using a Mouse or Keyboard.

Turn Up Volume on Vizio Tv Without Remote

We will provide you 5 easy and simple steps to amplify volume on Vizio TV. Follow the steps in proper way to achieve it.

Using Physical Button

Nearly all Vizio TVs provide a physical button to manage the TV’s basic functions without utilizing remote. By using these physical buttons you can turn your tv on or off, adjust the volume and switch channel without remote.

You can find the physical volume button on the Back Panel of the Tv on the right-hand or left-hand side of the tv, the location may vary because change in the model.

Using universal Remote control

if you have universal remote then you can also use it to manage your Vizio Tv. For those people who do not know, universal remote let users to control multiple electronic devices without using brand’s remote.

universal remote can control basic TV's function
boost volume Using universal Remote control

By Using Universal remote you can control your Vizio Tv like you can maximize or minimize volume of Vizio Tv using universal remote or you can switch between channels. To use it you first need to program it. Learn how to program a universal remote to Vizio Tv.

Using Vizio Mobile App

You can also up the sound on Vizio Tv using Vizio mobile app. You can download and install Vizio mobile app on your smartphone to control all Tv functions.

how to maximize or minimize TV volume
Using Vizio Mobile App

Mobile app also works like a remote but it is in virtual form. This app is available for both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Perform given steps:

  1. Open Play Store or App store.
  2. Search for Vizio Tv remote.
  3. Download and install it.
  4. Once installed, open the Vizio app on your smartphone and login to you account.
  5. Press Control>Devices.
  6. Select you Vizio Tv, then a code will appear on screen.
  7. Entered the displayed code in you mobile app to complete pairing process.
  8. When pairing complete, click on the remote option in the bottom to open virtual remote.


High-Definition Multimedia Interface Consumer Electronics Control (HDMI-CEC) is a common feature that allows a user to control Tv using external devices connected to HDMI ports such as Gaming Console, Xbox or play station.

boost TV's volume without remote

By using HDMI-CEC you can control your TV’s basic functions like turning it on and off, volume adjustment and switching between channels.

Using a Mouse or Keyboard

One more method, from which you can increase or decrease your Vizio Tv volume is by connecting mouse or keyboard with your Tv through USB ports.

Turn Up Volume on Vizio Tv Without Remote
Use USB Keyboard and Mouse to adjust volume

You just need to connect keyboard or mouse with the TV’s ports normally located on the back side of the Tv. After that you can control TV’s function like boosting Vizio tv volume or turning the Tv on or off.


Can I Access TV Menu Using Universal Remote?

Indeed, you can access Tv menu using universal remote. Universal remote works like an original remote if it is programmed correctly.

Can I Download Vizio App on Smartphone or Tablet?

Absolutely, you can download a Vizio app on your smartphone or tablet. Navigate to Play Store or App Store search for Vizio app simply download and install it.

How can I increase the volume on my Vizio TV?

Grab a remote press + button, check if the volume increase or not. If the volume is not increased check your Tv may be on mute. To make it unmute, press the mute button.


In this guide we learnt that how can we adjust Vizio Tv volume without remote. You need to follow simple steps.

If you still have any questing or facing any type of problem let us know we will help you as quickly as feasible. Please also share this piece of information with your friends or family members.

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