TCL TV Sound but No Picture? Get Back to Watching!

You turned on your TCL Tv to watch your favorite Tv show but your TCL Tv not displaying picture but sound is coming. Don’t panic it is a common issue in TVs, our expert guide will help you to solve TCL TV sound but no visual. Fix TCL Tv sound but no picture issue step-by-step and get back to watching.

TCL TV Sound But No Picture: Guide 2024

TCL TV Sound but No Picture
TCL Tv displaying no image

Are you frustrated with TCL TV sound but no picture? then this guide is only for you. Many people like you are also facing TCL Tv black screen or no picture issue on their Tv. To solve this issue first you need to know possible reasons behind TCL TV playing sound without picture.

Possible Reasons Behind TCL TV Playing Sound Without Picture

  1. Backlight failure
  2. Loose or damaged cables
  3. Input source issues
  4. Firmware or software glitches
  5. Faulty HDMI connection
  6. Display panel damage
  7. Power supply problems
  8. Incorrect TV settings
  9. Graphics card or mainboard failure
  10. External device malfunction

How to Fix TCL TV No Image But Sound is ON

There are many methods to solve TCL Tv no image but sound is on issue. Here’s how to fix:

  1. Verify Power and Connections
  2. Verify Backlight settings
  3. Power Cycle the Tv
  4. Modify Picture setting
  5. Update Tv software
  6. Reset Tv settings
  7. Speak with TCL support

Verify Power and Connections

One of the main reason behind TCL Tv black screen is loose and faulty connections. Firstly check all Tv connections and make sure that they are plugged in correctly, also check power outlet is working correctly. Plug your Tv in other power outlet to check if outlet is working fine.

TCL TV audio works but no video
Loose or faulty cable can black screen issue

Now, verify all cables connected with other devices like cable boxes, HDMI and gaming console. Ensure that all cables are plugged correctly and have no loose connection.

Verify backlight Settings

TCL TV sound OK but no display
increase brightness level to see if black screen issue persist or solved

Sometimes, backlight setting on TCL Tv is low or turned off causing TCL black screen issue. To solve this issue navigate to TV’s Setting Menu>Backlight/Brightness option. Increase backlight setting and check if the issue solve.

Power Cycle TCL TV

Power cycling Tv proves beneficial sometime and solve some minor Tv issues. To do that Unplug Your Tv from power outlet and leave it for 40 to 60 seconds, then plug it back to see if the issue persist or solved.

Modify Picture Settings

If still your TCL Tv showing black screen then you must need to modify picture settings. Navigate to TV’s settings menu to check brightness or contrast is low. Increase brightness and contrast and check if the TCL Tv black screen issue solved.

TCL TV’s provide different images mode switch between these modes to check if the black screen issue solve.

Update Tv Software

Software works like a soul in electronic devices, its means that any issue or bug in software can cause a big problem. Update your Tv software if you are using outdated software.

TCL TV sound working, picture missing
Outdated firmware also effect the performance of tv

To update software navigate to Settings>System>Software Update check any update available. If any update available follow on screen instruction to update Tv software. After installation check if TCL TV display working or not.

Reset Tv Settings

If none of above methods work then the last option you left is Resetting Tv setting to default, it will remove all data from your Tv. Take backup of your important data and reset your TCL Tv.

To perform reset navigate to TV’s Settings>System>Reset>factory Reset. Follow on screen instructions to Reset Roku Tv. Once the reset complete check if the black screen issue solved or not.

Speak with TCL Support

If none on above methods work then you must reach out to the expert level guidance. Contact TCL Support to solve TCL Tv sound but no picture issue.


Why is TCL TV producing sound but no picture?

A broken display, input settings, cable connections, or other issues could be the cause of the problem. See our troubleshooting guide for specific instructions.

How can I fix ‘TCL TV Sound but No Picture’ at home?

Make sure the HDMI or other connecting cables are firmly inserted in before proceeding. Check the input source and give another one a shot. If problems still arise, refer to our detailed fixes.


So, in this guide we learnt how to solve TCL Tv sound but no picture issue. Fixing TCL black screen issue is easy task you only need to execute given methods.

If you still have any issue regarding TCL TV sound OK but no display comment section is only for you feel free to comment our team will answer you as quickly as feasible. Also share this piece of information with your friends who also facing Tv black screen issue.

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