Samsung TV Screen Black? Sound Works? Fix It Now!

You switch on the TV, eagerly awaiting the appearance of your favorite show on the screen. However, instead of the familiar imagery and sounds, you find yourself with audio but no video. A frustrating scenario indeed when your Samsung TV exhibits sound without any picture.

The problem of experiencing a “Samsung TV Has Sound but No Picture” issue can hinder your flawless entertainment experience. Before panicking, though, there’s a good chance that you can restore your visuals by following a few simple troubleshooting tips.

Common Causes of Samsung TV Having Sound but No Picture

Don’t freak out if your Samsung TV starts to play music but not images. Before contacting for assistance, you may often resolve this problem by following a few simple troubleshooting procedures on your own.

  1. Verify your cable connections first. Verify that every cable going to and from your devices and the TV is securely plugged in on both ends.
  2. Try detaching and rejoining any cable connectors that appear loose or damaged to see if that resolves the problem.
  3. Next, look at your TV’s input source options. Make sure the relevant device is selected by pressing the source or input button on your Samsung remote.
  4. Try navigating through the various settings (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc.) to see if any of them fix the image.
  5. Press the menu or guide buttons on your cable or satellite set-top box to see if it’s still operational.
  6. The set-top box, rather than the TV, might be the problem if you can view the box’s menu. Attempt to unplug the box, give it a minute, and then plug it back in.
  7. Try unplugging your TV from the wall outlet, waiting for around 60 seconds, and then plugging it back in to try doing a power reset. By doing this, the visual and video signal might be restored.
  8. Lastly, consider returning your TV’s settings to their original factory settings. This may be accomplished via the settings menu on the majority of Samsung TVs.
  9. For precise instructions, refer to your TV’s handbook. Any improper user modifications that might be obstructing the presentation of the video will be cleared upon reset.

Hopefully, one of these troubleshooting guides will help your Samsung TV to resume playing video. If not, though, you might require a professional repair to identify and swap out any malfunctioning parts that are the source of the no picture problem.

Keep in mind that this issue is not only happening with Samsung tv some other Tv brands like TCL Tv also suffering with this issue.

Checking Samsung TV Connections to Restore Picture

Samsung TV Has Sound but No Picture
Strategic insights on dealing with Roku TV models without HDMI 1, HDMI 2, or HDMI 3, ensuring efficient device connectivity and an optimized viewing experience.

Your Samsung TV’s power supply and device connections are probably the problem if it is sounding but not seeing. Examine the following connections to begin troubleshooting:

  1. HDMI cables: Make sure that every device you own, such as game consoles, streaming sticks, and cable boxes, is firmly inserted into the TV ports.
  2. If required, remove and reinsert the cables, or use a different HDMI port on the television.
  3. Power cord: Make sure the power cord is firmly plugged into the TV and into a working electrical socket.
  4. Re-plug it securely after disconnecting it from both ends for 30 seconds. This could reset your TV if there is a power issue.
  5. Choose the HDMI input that corresponds to the port that your device is connected to by using the Samsung TV remote. Press either “Source” or “Input” on your remote to switch between the inputs.
  6. Connections for cable/satellite boxes: Unplug the power chord for 30 seconds to reset the device, then firmly plug it back in if the screen seems blurry or dark. Make sure the coaxial cable coming from your wall is fastened firmly.
  7. Connections for streaming devices: To restart streaming sticks or boxes that have a black screen, disconnect the power cable for 30 seconds and then plug it back in.
  8. Verify that your TV has the streaming device input chosen.
  9. Soft reset – If connections are firm but the problem persists, unplug TV power for 2 minutes.
  10. Press and hold the power button on the Samsung TV for 30 seconds before plugging back in. This may perform a soft reset to restore the picture.

You may locate the source of the picture signal loss on your television and fix it by carefully inspecting every connection that goes into it. Never be reluctant to contact Samsung assistance if necessary.

Trying a Samsung TV Factory Reset to Fix Sound but No Image Issue

 Image depicting a hand holding a remote control with a Samsung TV in the background, symbolizing the process of attempting a factory reset to resolve the sound but no image issue.
Take control of your viewing experience by attempting a factory reset on your Samsung TV to troubleshoot and fix the common issue of sound without a visible image.

Should your Samsung TV be turned on but only display sounds and not video, you might try doing a factory reset to fix the problem. Any incorrect settings causing the issue can be reset by doing this.

Although doing so would result in the loss of your customized settings, it’s a simple fix to try before calling a specialist. This is how you do it:

  1. Find the small reset button on the side or back of your television. It might be labeled “Reset” and has a circular indent.
  2. In order to switch off the TV when it is turned on and showing “sound but no picture,” grab a paperclip and push the reset button for five to ten seconds. Throughout this period, keep your finger on the button.
  3. After releasing the reset button, let the TV restart for thirty to sixty seconds. Watch while it restarts.
  4. If the video and audio play properly when the Samsung logo displays, the factory reset was successful! You can now go ahead and configure your TV connection and settings once more.
  5. After the reset procedure, if the TV still only sounds and shows no picture, there can be a hardware or connection problem as opposed to a software bug. First, you should verify your connections and cabling again.
  6. To troubleshoot further if connections appear to be fine but the reset failed to restore the video, get in touch with Samsung Support or an approved service expert.
  7. Fixing or replacing a malfunctioning display panel is one example of a hardware failure.

Your Samsung Smart TV’s software and settings can be returned to their original factory settings by resetting the device. This frequently fixes oddball software bugs that result in difficulties like sound but no visual.

However, bear in mind that if it succeeds, you’ll need to redo all of your personalized settings, channel lineups, app logins, etc. before you reset. But better than having to buy a brand-new Smart TV!

Troubleshooting Samsung TV Settings to Get Back Picture

Don’t freak out if your Samsung TV is sounding but not seeing. There’s probably a simple fix for the problem that involves the TV connectors or settings. Use these simple troubleshooting techniques:

  1. Verify that the TV is turned on. Even after the TV is turned off, the power light can still be on. Verify that the power button is truly set to “On.”
  2. Use the TV remote to switch between the inputs. It’s possible that the proper HDMI, antenna, or other input has been disconnected or left unchecked.
  3. If using an HDMI cable, try using a different one. One of the most prevalent causes of picture loss is broken cables. If you can, use a functional HDMI cord in its place.
  4. Verify the video output configurations on all linked devices. Verify that the video output from your streaming stick, Blu-ray player, cable box, etc. is coming over HDMI as intended.
  5. Reset picture settings to default. Go into the TV’s menu, find picture adjustment options, and select “reset.” This will revert any changes made to brightness, contrast etc.
  6. Run a “reset” power cycle. After 60 seconds, unplug the TV’s electricity from the outlet and plug it back in. After power cycling, give it a minute or two to reboot and get signal.
  7. As a last resort, factory data reset the TV. Although all user data and settings will be deleted, this frequently fixes recurring problems. After that, you’ll need to reconfigure the smart features.

It’s possible to recover the picture on your Samsung without calling for repair if you adjust the cords and settings a little. If problems persist after trying troubleshooting steps, get in touch with Samsung support for more model-specific advice. They are able to assess whether repairs are necessary.

When to Call a Professional for Samsung TV Sound but No Picture Problems

 Illustration of a person holding a phone, contemplating when to call a professional for Samsung TV issues, emphasizing the need for expert assistance when experiencing sound but no picture problems.
Discover the signs and situations that indicate it’s time to call in a professional to address your Samsung TV’s sound without picture problem. Expert assistance can ensure a swift resolution to your viewing concerns.

It can be annoying to have sound on your Samsung TV but no picture. Here are a few simple troubleshooting strategies you can attempt at home before asking for expert assistance:

  1. Verify that the TV is fully powered on. Make sure the TV’s front panel lights are all on by pressing the power button on your remote.
  2. Examine your relationships. Verify that all of the video cables coming from your streaming stick, Blu-ray player, cable/satellite box, and game console are firmly placed into the appropriate video input ports on the television.
  3. Experiment with various video inputs. Try using a different HDMI input port on your TV to see if there is a problem with the video cable if the device, such as your cable box, is producing sound but no picture.
  4. Reset the gadgets. Restart the TV, streaming stick, and cable box, among other connected devices. After unplugging them, let them a minute, and then replace the power. This can fix sporadic problems with handshakes.
  5. Utilizing the Settings menu, reset the TV’s factory settings. This will return everything to factory defaults and remove all custom settings.

Try the above troubleshooting techniques first, and if the problem persists, there might be a hardware problem with your Samsung TV. Make an appointment for maintenance with an authorized Samsung TV repair specialist during:

  1. The TV won’t turn on all the way.
  2. Firmware updates and resets don’t work.
  3. You notice broken and cracked ports.
  4. After swapping out the devices and wires for ones you know operate correctly, the problem of no picture still exists.
  5. The warranty on your TV has expired, or you’ve noticed damage from things like power surges.

Skilled technicians possess the tools, software, component inventory, and understanding needed to accurately diagnose and resolve complicated no picture issues. They can also determine whether your Samsung TV just needs to be replaced.


My Samsung TV is producing sound, but the screen is blank. What could be the issue?

This issue may arise due to various reasons, such as a faulty connection, malfunctioning display components, or issues with the TV settings. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to identify and resolve the problem.

What should I do if my Samsung TV has sound but no picture?

Start by checking the basic connections. Ensure that all cables, including HDMI or other video input cables, are securely plugged in. If the connections are intact, proceed with the troubleshooting steps to narrow down the cause.

Can a malfunctioning HDMI cable cause a Samsung TV to have sound but no picture?

Yes, a defective HDMI cable can be a common cause of this issue. Try using a different HDMI cable to rule out any potential cable problems. Additionally, check the HDMI ports on both the TV and connected devices for any damage.

Why is my Samsung TV displaying a black screen while the audio is working fine?

This could be due to a problem with the TV’s display components, such as the backlight, panel, or power supply. Refer to the user manual for your specific TV model to find instructions on how to perform a basic reset or troubleshoot display-related issues.

Is there a possibility that a software issue is causing my Samsung TV to have sound but no picture?

Yes, software glitches can sometimes result in display problems. Check for available firmware updates for your Samsung TV model. Updating the firmware may resolve software-related issues that could be causing the absence of picture.

What steps can I take to troubleshoot my Samsung TV if the problem persists?

Perform a power cycle by unplugging the TV from the power source, waiting for a few minutes, and then plugging it back in. If the issue persists, consult the Samsung support website or contact their customer service for further assistance.

My Samsung TV is under warranty. Should I contact customer support for assistance?

If your TV is still under warranty, it is advisable to contact Samsung customer support. They can provide guidance on troubleshooting, offer solutions, or arrange for a service technician to inspect and repair the TV if necessary.


Due to some minor bugs your Samsung smart Tv is suffering with that issue. By following given steps you can handle these issues easily.

If yo still have any question or want to give some feedback, please let us know in the comment section. I hope this guide will help you. If you find it helpful please share this piece of information with your friends.


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