Reset Roku TV Without Remote: Easy Steps You Need to Know

Roku Tv working slowly? You want to reset Roku Tv but you don’t have Roku remote, don’t worry our expert team will tell you how to reset Roku Tv without remote.

Roku is the most emerging Tv brand in the world because of it reasonable price and features. People in the world using Roku for playing games and streaming purposes.

You can easily reset your Tv with or without remote but the process is little bit different. Let delve into this process of resetting Roku Tv.

How To Reset Roku Tv Without Remote: Ultimate Guide

Resetting Roku Tv with no remote is not a big deal. There are several ways to factory reset Tv. You can use Roku Tv physical button or Roku Tv app to successfully reset Roku Tv. Factory resetting will remove all the data from your Tv make sure to take proper backup of necessary files.

Why You Need To Factory Reset Roku Tv

Resetting Roku Tv is needed when your Tv is not working good For Example your Roku Tv apps not working, Wi-Fi not connecting to Roku Tv and Roku Tv slow Speed. This is where you need to reboot your Roku Tv to solve these issues.

reset Roku Tv remote
possible reasons for resetting Roku Tv

Rebooting Roku Tv will remove all glitches and make your Tv fresh to work in a proper manners. If you don’t have remote to reset Roku Tv don’t panic we will tell you how to this. Follow given steps to achieve it.

Soft Reset Roku Tv without Remote

There is a difference between Soft Reset and Hard Reset. When you Tv facing some issues you want to do hard reset but this will remove all apps/data and channels settings. So, firstly prefer soft reset as it may fix common issues.

Power Cycle Roku TV Without Remote
Soft reset is just like restarting Roku TV

Here’s how to soft reset Roku Tv without remote.

  1. When the Tv is On, remove it from the power outlet.
  2. Leave the Tv unplug for 40 to 60 seconds
  3. Plug the Tv back in power source.

Now, confirm if the issue get resolved or not. If resolve that’s good, if still have any issue follow given steps to perform hard reset on Roku Tv.

Reset Roku Tv with The Roku Tv Remote App

If you lost, damaged or misplaced your Roku tv remote and you want to reset Roku Tv without Remote then download and install Roku Tv Remote App on your phone. This app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Reboot Roku TV Without Remote
Use Roku Tv Remote App to reset Roku Tv

Here’s how to utilize Roku remote app to factory reset Roku tv.

  1. Download and Install Roku remote app on you Smart phone.
  2. Connect your smart phone with the Same Wi-Fi network of your Roku tv.
  3. Now, open the app and click on Connect.
  4. Use buttons of Roku remote to open Settings option on Roku Tv.
  5. Now, tap Settings>System>Advanced system settings>Factory reset.
  6. Then, follow prompts display on screen to complete factory reset.

Note: Roku Tv remote app will only work when both of your Roku Tv and Roku app are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you have physical remote follow the same method as virtual remote to reset Roku Tv.

This is how you can reset your Roku tv without remote. If you lost your remote, you can download the Roku Tv Remote App developed by Boost Vision as alternate.

Factory Reset Roku Tv using Physical Buttons on TV

Roku Tv provide physical buttons to reset Tv because sometimes you may not have remote to reset tv, you can easily use them to reset tv. The button may located on different position because of change in model.

Restore Roku TV Without Remote
use physical button

Here’s how you can restore Roku TV using physical button.

  1. Navigate power button on your tv. Normally it is present at the Back side of Tv, locate the button to turn off Tv.
  2. Confirm if you Roku tv have Reset button typically found of the back or bottom of the Roku Tv.
  3. Press and hold the Reset button for about 12 seconds you need to use pin to hold the button as it is small in size.
  4. Once the reset cycle is complete, status light become dim and now your Tv is turned off.
  5. Turn on the Tv and follow in-screen prompt to complete reset process.

Reset button is available on some Roku Tv models if you can find it try different method to reboot Roku tv.

Reset Roku TV with the Mute and Power Button Combination

If reset button not present on your Roku tv try this combination of Mute button and Power button to start reset process.

Resetting Your Roku TV Without the Remote
Use combination of Power Button and Mute button

Here how to reboot Roku Tv using MUTE and POWER buttons.

  1. On you Roku Tv panel, Press and hold Mute and Power button.
  2. While holding Mute an Power button unplug your tv from power outlet and then plug it back.
  3. When you see the logo on screen release buttons.
  4. Turn on Tv and follow in-screen prompts to finish setup.

Roku Support

If none of above method work for you you must need to reach out Roku Support for further solutions. There expert team will help you as quickly as feasible.


How Do I Reset My Roku Wi-Fi Without a Remote?

  1. Download Roku Tv Remote app and install it.
  2. Connect app and Tv with Same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Access Settings using button on touchpad.
  4. Select Advanced system settings>Network option>Reset connection.
  5. Now, choose new Wi-Fi and enter Password.
  6. Now if you want to use Roku remote app then connect your phone with the new Wi-Fi so the Tv can work properly.

Can I Control Roku TV Without a Remote?

Yes, use Roku Tv remote app to control Roku Tv without a physical remote. Connect Roku Tv remote app and Roku Tv with same Wi-Fi network to complete the pairing process.

How to Reset Roku TV?

Reset Roku Tv with physical Roku remote by following this sequence Settings>System>Advanced system settings>Factory reset. After that follow in-screen instructions to complete resetting process.

Does my Roku TV have a reset button?

Not every Roku Tv have physical reset button. Some specific models have reset button typically found on the back side of the Tv. You will need a pin to press and hold the button as its size is small.


So, in this 2024 guide we learnt how to reset Roku Tv with or without remote. The method for resetting Roku tv with physical remote or virtual remote is same. I hope that this guide helps you a lot.

If you still have any issue related to rebooting Roku Tv you can contact us comment section is for you. Please also share this piece of information with your friends.

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