LG TV Screen Goes Black After a Few Seconds (use this 1 secret thing)

Has your LG TV ever gone completely black when you were attempting to watch your favorite show? That’s a difficult scenario, but don’t panic—you can try a few easy fixes to restore your TV’s functionality.

As soon as “LG TV Screen Goes Black After a Few Seconds” is resolved, you can enjoy yourself to the fullest extent.

This post will teach you what’s probably causing your TV screen to go black in a matter of seconds, along with some easy DIY troubleshooting techniques to try before contacting a professional. You can quickly restore your LG TV and resume streaming your favorite content with a few simple steps.

Symptoms of the LG TV Screen Going Black After a Few Seconds

The power light turning on but the screen staying blank or going black after a few seconds is the most typical sign that an LG TV screen is about to go black. This typically indicates a problem with the TV’s power supply or lighting.

Backlight problem

The TV screen’s illumination comes from the backlight. The screen will go black but the power light will remain on if it’s broken or burned out. Try modifying the TV menu’s backlight settings. Should that fail, it might be necessary to replace the backlight.

Power supply issue

LG TV Screen Goes Black After a Few Seconds
Recognize the indicators of “Symptoms of the LG TV Screen Going Black After a Few Seconds” and explore effective solutions to restore uninterrupted viewing.

Components such as the lighting of the TV are powered by the power supply. It won’t supply enough power and the screen will go black if it’s malfunctioning. While replacing the power supply board is usually required, you can try gently tapping the back of the TV to see if any loose cables or connections can be reseated to temporarily solve the issue.

Other possibilities

Additional things to check include:

  • Damaged or loose cables: Verify that all power and video input cords are firmly attached to the TV and any external devices. To inspect cables for damage, try wriggling them.
  • Software or firmware problem: To update the software, try restarting the TV or performing a factory reset. This may occasionally fix sporadic problems.
  • Panel or T-Con board: Should the problems persist even after swapping out the power supply and backlight, there may be a problem with the TV’s actual LCD panel or T-Con board, which aids in controlling panel operations. It might now require technical assistance.

Replacing more sophisticated components should come after replacing the simpler ones, such as software and wires. To get your screen shining steadily again, carefully examine your LG TV and systematically troubleshoot any possible faults. This will help you understand what needs to be fixed.

Potential Causes of the Black Screen Issue

There are a few different problems that could be the source of your LG TV’s black screen after a short while. The most typical reasons are:

Faulty Power Supply

All of your LG TV’s internal parts, including the display and lighting, are powered by the power supply. After a few seconds, the screen can go black if the power source is broken or failing.

This may suggest that some internal parts aren’t getting enough electricity to operate correctly. The power supply should be tested and replaced by a technician.

Bad Backlight

The TV display is illuminated by the backlight. The display itself won’t produce any light, therefore the screen will seem black if the backlight LEDs or CCFL bulbs burn out or fail. In order to restore functionality, an LG TV repair technician can test the backlight and replace or fix any broken parts.

Display Panel Issues

Explore insights into "Display Panel Issues" affecting your LG TV's performance. Uncover potential causes and find solutions to restore your display for an optimal viewing experience.
Addressing “Display Panel Issues” on your LG TV – discover common causes and effective solutions to ensure a clear and uninterrupted display.

An LCD display panel malfunction may also result in the screen going dark. Faulty display panel circuitry, loose display panel connections, or damage to the display panel itself are examples of potential problems. These kinds of problems are usually fixed by replacing or repairing the display screen.

Software Glitch

A software issue or firmware bug may occasionally result in the LG TV screen going blank. Restarting the software of your LG TV with a power reset could resolve the problem. Remove the power cable from the back of the TV and leave it there for three to five minutes to complete a power reset.

Reattach the power cable, then switch the LG TV back on. After a short while, if the screen becomes black once more, there’s probably a hardware fault rather than a software one. The LG TV screen may occasionally go blank due to a software problem or firmware fault.

You might try performing a power reset and software restart on your LG TV to fix the issue. To finish a power reset, take the power cord out of the TV’s back and leave it there for three to five minutes. Turn the LG TV back on after reattaching the power cable. If the screen goes dark again after a short while, it’s most likely a hardware issue rather than a software one.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix the LG TV Black Screen

Oh no, shortly after starting on, your LG TV’s screen went blank. Remain calm! Before contacting for assistance, there are a few things you can attempt.

  1. First, confirm that the power cord is in good condition and that your TV is plugged in correctly.
  2. Check the outlet’s functionality by plugging in another gadget, such as a lamp.
  3. Try unplugging your TV for a few minutes to reset it, then plug it back in and turn it on if everything appears to be in order.
  4. Is the screen still dark? Your input source or picture settings might be the problem.
  5. Verify that the TV input source you have chosen (such as HDMI 1 or HDMI 2) is appropriate for the device you wish to watch.
  6. Try switching the input to a different source, such as live TV or streaming media.
  7. It could also be necessary to return your photo settings to their original state. Press the Home button on your LG TV remote, choose Settings, then Picture.
  8. Choose Reset Picture Settings by swiping down. The original photo settings will take the place of your customized ones.
  9. If it still doesn’t work, there’s a chance the backlight on your LG TV is broken.
  10. The picture will not appear correctly without the backlight, which illuminates the screen. In the Picture settings menu, try maximizing the backlight setting.
  11. Should the screen reactivate at a higher brightness intensity, it suggests that the backlight components might require maintenance.
  12. You might have to hard reset your LG TV back to factory settings as a last resort.
  13. Use this only if all other options have failed to resolve the issue as it will remove any customized settings and preferences.
  14. To restart the TV, press and hold the Home and Exit buttons simultaneously on your remote for five to ten seconds.
  15. Your TV should boot up like new right out of the box after you release the buttons.

With any luck, one of these troubleshooting techniques will restore functionality to your LG TV. It is advised to get in touch with LG support for an official diagnostic and repair if the black screen continues. I wish you luck and enjoy your show!

DIY Repairs to Attempt at Home

Oh no, after turning on for a short while, your LG TV’s screen went blank! Fear not—you can attempt a few easy fixes on your own before hiring a costly specialist.

  1. First, confirm that the power socket is operational and that your TV is connected in.
  2. Verify that the power cord is securely attached to the TV and the wall outlet.
  3. To make sure the cable is secure, wiggle the part where it attaches to the TV.
  4. Try power cycling your TV after that. To give the internal components time to completely reset, unplug the power cable for a few minutes.
  5. To use up any leftover power, press and hold the TV’s power button for ten to fifteen seconds while you wait.
  6. Check to see whether the problem is fixed by plugging the cable back in and turning on your TV.
  7. Should the issue persist, it can be related to the backlight or the LED strips that illuminate the screen.
  8. Try changing the brightness settings on your TV. Navigate to the TV’s menu settings and set the backlight to the lowest possible setting.
  9. The brightness should then be gradually increased to a comfortable level.
  10. The TV may have overheated and shut off because the backlight was adjusted too high.

Additional troubleshooting tips:

  1. Verify that nothing is obstructing your TV’s air vents, as this could lead to overheating.
  2. Try unplugging any gaming consoles, streaming gadgets, or Blu-ray players that are attached to your TV. One of these might be the source of the problem.
  3. To force your TV to turn off, press and hold the power button for ten to fifteen seconds. After 30 seconds, wait and switch it back on.
  4. Examine your LG TV’s software for upgrades. Patches and bug fixes from more recent releases frequently remedy issues.

If you are patient and know how to troubleshoot, you can probably get your LG TV back up and running without calling a specialist. You’ll quickly be watching your favorite shows by carefully going over possible answers! Please let us know if any of these fixes work to stop your TV screen from going dark.

When to Call a Professional TV Repair Service for LG TVs

 Recognize the signs and know "When to Call a Professional TV Repair Service for LG TVs." Ensure timely and effective solutions for optimal TV performance.
Discover the key indicators and make informed decisions on “When to Call a Professional TV Repair Service for LG TVs.” Expert help is just a call away for a hassle-free viewing experience.

Usually a simple remedy, if the screen on your LG TV goes black after a short while, it can also be a sign of a more serious problem that needs to be fixed by a professional. Here are a few indicators that you should contact for help.

Power Cycling Doesn’t Work

When the screen on your LG TV goes black, you should try power cycling it first. To do this, disconnect the TV for at least two minutes, then plug it back in.

This solves a lot of short-term problems and resets the TV. It’s probably beyond your ability to fix if the black screen still appears after you’ve tried power cycling a few times.

You Hear Strange Noises

If your LG TV is making loud popping, cracking, or sizzling noises, an internal component failure may be the cause. It is not advisable to keep using the TV as there may be an electrical problem that could result in fire or electric shock.

In order to diagnose and fix the TV, unplug it right away and get in touch with LG assistance.

Parts Need Replacement

It is advisable to have an LG trained technician do the repair if the diagnosis indicates that a replacement part, such as the power supply board, backlight inverter, or LED backlight strip, is required.

Replacing these parts necessitates removing a large portion of the TV, which can be challenging and time-consuming for a novice. Inadequately fitted components may potentially nullify your guarantee or harm additional TV elements.

You’ve Tried All Troubleshooting

If you’ve tried all the suggested fixes for an LG TV black screen, such as power cycling, hard resetting, and checking connections, and the problem persists, it’s most likely a malfunction that needs to be fixed by a professional.

If unsolved concerns are kept with a TV, it may result in irreversible harm. It is recommended to get in touch with LG support to arrange for a specialist to come out and fix your TV. Even though nobody wants to pay for TV repairs when they can avoid it, there are situations when doing so is required to stop more problems or damage.

Never hesitate to hire experts if the issues with your LG TV’s black screen continue even after you’ve tried the standard solutions. Your house and TV will appreciate it!


Is the black screen a widespread issue?

Although not always the case, some LG TV models have been known to have this issue. We’ll let you know which models they are.

How can I update my LG TV’s firmware?

Make sure your TV’s firmware is up to date by following our step-by-step instructions, which may fix the black screen problem.

What if my TV is out of warranty?

Remain calm. We’ll walk you through other possibilities, such as do-it-yourself projects and expert repair services.

Are there any preventive measures to avoid screen blackouts?

Of course! We’ll go over preventive care advice to keep your LG TV in good working order and steer clear of future problems.

How do I choose a reliable repair service for my TV?

Selecting the appropriate repair service is essential. To make sure your TV receives the attention it needs, we’ll offer advice on how to choose a trustworthy service.


  1. In conclusion, a methodical approach is required to troubleshoot the “LG TV Screen Goes Black After a Few Seconds” issue.
  2. Ascertain steady power connections first, then check pertinent settings such as sleep modes.
  3. To fix any software bugs, update the TV’s firmware, and check for incompatibilities with connected external devices.
  4. A factory reset might be required if the issue doesn’t go away, but be careful—it will remove any customized settings.
  5. In the event that everything else fails, contacting LG customer service or getting expert help is advised.
  6. A thorough fix might necessitate striking a balance between looking at hardware parts and investigating software-related fixes.
  7. The probability of effectively resolving the screen blackout issue on your LG TV will rise with patience and dedication during the troubleshooting process.

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