Is Google TV the Same as YouTube TV? Here’s What You Need to Know

Google Tv and YouTube Tv sounds similar, but totally different products. Google Tv is smart Tv Platform, on which you can watch shows and movies from different streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. The best thing about Google tv is that you will find all your favorite content at one place.

At the opposite side, YouTube Tv is a live Tv streaming service. On YouTube Tv you can watch live Tv channels like ABC, CBS and ESPN. It works like a cable box Tv. The good thing about this Tv is that you can also record shows to watch later with its cloud DVR feature.

In this guide, we will explain key difference between Google Tv and YouTube Tv to help you understand what each one offers.

Google Tv Vs YouTube Tv: Guide 2024

As I explained above that both Google Tv and YouTube Tv are totally different, here’s some features of both Brands.


Google Tv

YouTube Tv

TypeSmart TV interfaceLive TV streaming service
PurposeOrganizes and recommends contentStreams live TV channels
Content SourceMultiple streaming services (Netflix, Disney+)Live TV channels (ABC, CBS, ESPN)
SubscriptionNo subscription neededRequires monthly subscription
Live TVNoYes
DVRNoYes, but limited cloud storage
Device CompatibilitySmart TVs, streaming devices (Chromecast)Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, streaming devices (Roku, Apple TV)
Personalized RecommendationsYesYes
Google Assistant IntegrationYesNo
On-Demand ContentYes, from various appsYes, from TV networks

This table puts light on the main differences between Google TV and YouTube Tv.

What is Google TV?

Google Tv uses smart Tv system to help you to find and watch shows and movies from various streaming media like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Disney. Google Tv also have google assistant feature that allows you to control your Tv using voice command.

Is Google TV the Same as YouTube TV
Learn about Google tv

Google Tv provide you all the content at one place, but you cannot enjoy live Tv and DVR feature on your Google Tv.

Features of Google TV

  1. Content Combination: You can enjoy combine content from various streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime at one place.
  2. Personalized Recommendations: Google Tv algorithm check your search interest and suggest you that content, you love.
  3. Google Assistant Integration: One of the best thing about Google Tv is that it offers you Google Assistant feature that allows you to control Tv through voice command.
  4. Combined Home Screen: Google Tv provide you combine home screen from where you can browse and watch content of various apps.
  5. Watchlist: You can create watchlist of your favorite show or movie on various app on Google Tv to watch them later.
  6. Device Compatibility: Available on Chromecast with Google TV and built into some Sony and TCL smart TVs.
  7. Live TV Integration: Like YouTube Tv, it also allows you to watch live channels directly through Google interface.
  8. Kids Profiles: Google Tv also has kids safety feature, this feature shows the content which is best for them.
  9. Smart Home Control:  You can control your smart home lightning or thermostat through Google Tv via Google assistant.
  10. High-Quality Streaming: Google Tv support high quality resolution like HD, 4K and HDR for good viewing experience.

What is YouTube Tv?

YouTube Tv is a service that allows you to watch live Tv channels like ABC, CBS and ESPN, like cable Tv. One of the great feature that YouTube Tv offers is Cloud DVR Storage, which means that you can records shows to watch later and store them at cloud storage.

Google Tv vs Youtube Tv
learn about youtube TvGoogle TV versus YouTube TV

A one disturbing thing about YouTube Tv is that, you need to buy monthly subscription to watch live channels. It doesn’t give you Personalized Recommendations or work with voice command.

Features of YouTube Tv

  1. Live TV Channels: You can access various live channel including news channels, sports channels, local network and entertainment channels of YouTube Tv.
  2. Cloud DVR: One of the great feature of YouTube Tv is cloud DVR. Subscriber get unlimited cloud storage to store recorded video that they want to watch later.
  3. Multiple Streams: User can stream up to three devices at the same time with only one subscription.
  4. Personalized Recommendations: YouTube Tv algorithm read your search interest and look your watch history to provide that content, you love.
  5. On-Demand Content: YouTube Tv also offers on-demand content including Tv shows and movies.
  6. User-Friendly Interface: YouTube Tv provide user-friendly interface. You can easily browse through apps, search content and DVR recordings.
  7. Cross-Platform Compatibility: YouTube TV works with a number of devices, including Smart TVs, streaming devices, smartphones and tablets, letting user to watch show on device of their choice.
  8. Family Sharing: Each subscriber can make six accounts per household. Each account will have it own personalized recommendations and DVR library.
  9. No Contracts: A user can cancel subscription from YouTube Tv anytime without any penalty.

Pros and Cons

s YouTube TV equivalent to Google TV?
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Advantages of Google TV

  1. All-in-One Place: You will get all content at one place.
  2. Suggestions: Recommend you content that you like.
  3. More Stuff to Do: You can play games and use app on tv.
  4. Talk to Your TV: You can control your Tv through voice command.
  5. Share Easily: You can share content easily from your phone to Tv.
  6. Works on Many Devices: Can be used on different TVs and gadgets.
  7. Helps with Other Stuff: You can used third party apps to enhance features.
  8. Keep Track of Favorites: You can make list of that content you can to watch later.

Disadvantages of Google TV

  1. Complexity: Google Tv offers lots of features that make it complex to understand.
  2. Less Live TV: As compared to YouTube Tv, Google Tv doesn’t have access to many live channels.
  3. Tech Issues: Sometimes, Google Tv doesn’t works with other devices it shows error.
  4. Hard to Learn: If you are not good with technology, it could take time to understand Tv features.
  5. Needs Internet: You must need a good internet connection for proper working.
  6. Privacy Worries: You take information like what you watch? This make some privacy issue.

Advantages of YouTube Tv

  1. Lots of Live Channels: You have access to many live channel on YouTube Tv.
  2. Easy to Use: YouTube Tv has easy interface, you can easily use the Tv to watch live channels,
  3. Family Sharing:  Multiple users can use the single subscription with their own account.
  4. Record Live TV: You can record video to watch later.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: YouTube Tv has straightforward method you watch live or play recording.
  6. Limited Distractions: It mainly focused on watching live channel, so you have less chance to distract.

Disadvantage of YouTube Tv

  1. Limited On-Demand Content: It mainly focus on live channels, so there are few option for on demand content.
  2. Cost: Monthly subscription fee is higher.
  3. Internet Dependency: If you have stable internet then it will work finely.
  4. Device Compatibility: It may not work with all devices, so check you Tv compatibility before subscribing.
  5. Regional Restrictions: Some channels may not available because of regional restrictions.


Is anything free on Google TV?

Google Tv come with many live channels at 0 cost.


The main purpose of this comparison is to clear some myths between Google Tv and YouTube Tv. In Google Tv vs YouTube Tv guide you learnt features, pros and cons of both TVs.

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