how to turn roku tv on without remote (complete guide 2024)

In this modern era, smart TVs are being used for streaming, playing video games and watching movies and Tv shows. As Roku is also a smart Tv and being used for streaming and video games. When you purchase a Roku device, you have a remote along with 2 AAA batteries from which you can manage all the functions and setting.

This Guide is all about How to Turn Roku Tv on Without Remote. Follow this guide to turn your tv on without remote.

Turn Roku Tv on Without Remote: Comprehensive Guide

Whenever you purchase a new Roku device you also receive a remote with it. You can control all the settings and functions using remote.

Turn Roku Tv on Without Remote
Follow given steps to turn on Roku tv manually

Remote also use to turn on Tv. Sometimes, remote may misplaced, lost, broken or not working properly then how will you turn your Tv on?.

You landed on this page indicate that you are suffering with one the presented issue. fear not i will tell you how to turn on Tv without using any remote.

How to Turn Roku Tv on Without Remote

To turn your Tv on you must have to follow the given steps properly

  1. Using Physical Power Button.
  2. Using Voice Commands.
  3. Using Gaming Console.
  4. Using Universal Remote.
  5. Using Roku App.

Using Physical Power Button

To address the issue of misplaced Roku remote, you can manually access the device functions such as turning it off and on.

turn on tv without remote
Learn how to turn on tv using physical power button

The location of power button may various on Roku because of models and the manufacture year. Still there are some common locations you can easily find the power button.

Let’s find the Power button on your Roku.

  • on the Back side of the tv, right-hand side: In many Roku models, power button normally found on the back side of the Tv, specially on the right side. As the size of power button is small and bit tricky to find it. Slowly move your hand back and forth on the right side of Tv to find the button. Power Icon is displayed on it. If you got it press it to turn Tv on.
  • on the Back side of the tv, left-hand side: If you can’t find the button on the right side, try finding it on the left side. Some Roku models have different location for power button.
  • Bottom side in the middle: In most of the Roku TVs power button is placed in the middle of the tv. Due to change in model, feel the power button around the specific area.
  • Bottom panel on the left-hand side: Is some models power button is located bottom panel on the left-hand side. This is the last method to turn on tv manually.

Using Voice Commands

In this era of technology, our lives are united through Wi-Fi and we have the devices that can be controlled by voice command.

turn on tv with voice command
Learn how to turn on tv using voice command

These devices proven valuable in these critical moment specially when you misplace your remote. You can turn on your Roku Tv using voice command, you can attain this using devices connected to you Wi-Fi network.

Follow the steps to turn on Roku Tv using voice command:

  • To do so you need some smart devices like Alexa and both Alexa and Roku Tv must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • To install it, you need to search Roku Skill and enable it after installation complete.
  • Connect a Roku account to your smart device and allow communicating with your Roku Tv
  • Now whenever you give a command to you smart device like “Turn on Roku Tv” it will read your command and turn your Tv on.

Using Gaming Console

As we are in advance era, we can also use gaming console to turn off and on Roku Tv. Gaming consoles like Xbox, Nintendo switch and play station are highly being used now a days.

how to turn tv on Using Gaming Console
Learn how to turn tv on Using Gaming Console

Follow the given steps to connect a gaming console to turn on Roku Tv.

  • First of all, you need to link your Gaming console to Roku Tv using HDMI cable.
  • For gaming console you have to connect both devices, on play station go to Setting>System Setting>Enable HDMI device link.
  • On Nintendo switch you have to go System Settings>Tv Setting>Match Power state.
  • These are the options you can use to turn Roku tv on and off without remote.

Using Universal Remote

If you have lost, misplaces or broken your tv remote, universal remote can helps you to turn on Roku tv without remote. For enjoying all the functions of Tv such as channel selection, volume control and more, having a remote is necessary.

If you are going to purchase universal remote for Roku Tv, it is necessary to understand Roku Tv code and complete pairing Process. If universal remote successfully paired you can use it like physical remote.

Learn how to program a universal remote.

Using Roku App

In some cases, your Roku Tv remote is not working properly you can convert your smart phone in Roku app.

turn on tv using roku app
learn how to turn roku tv on Using Roku App

You can install the Roku app from both Google Play store or Apple Play Store and connect with the Roku tv. You only need to connect Roku tv and your smartphone with the same network.

Follow given steps to connect Roku App with Roku Tv:

  • Download the Roku app either from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Once the downloading complete, install the Roku app.
  • Once the installation done, go to the app and search nearby Roku device.
  • On your smartphone, there is a Remote icon tap on it.
  • After that you will be connected with your Roku Tv, now you can turn on Roku tv without remote.

Note: To use this app, you have to turn on tv manually before running the app and mobile phone device; you need in-Build IR Sensor to operate your Roku Tv with your smartphone.


How do I turn my Roku on?

If you have remote then simply tap the power button on the remote to turn your Roku Tv on, but if you misplaced, lost or broken your remote your can turn Roku tv on by using physical power Button, voice Commands, Gaming Console, Universal Remote or Roku App.

How do I use the Roku mobile app to turn on my Roku TV?

Download and install the Roku app in your smartphone and connect it with Roku Tv using the same Wi-Fi network. Now, use your smartphone as a tv remote.

Is there any other way to turn on my Roku TV without a remote or smartphone?

Indeed, you can use physical power button, gaming console or universal remote to Turn On Roku Tv without a Remote or smartphone.


In this guide we learn about how to turn Roku tv on without remote. It is a very easy task to turn tv on without remote, you need to follow some given steps.

If this guide helps you a little, please share this piece of information with your friends. If you have any questions related to this please contact us comment section is just for you.

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