Struggling? Learn How to Reset Roku TV Pin Effortlessly

You wanted to keep your data secure on Roku tv that’s why used Roku Tv pin function, but unluckily you forget Roku Tv pin and lost the access to your data and you do not know how to reset Roku Tv pin.

If you are facing this issue you are at right place. Resetting Roku Tv password is not a big deal you only need to follow some simple steps.

Reset Roku TV Pin: Guide 2024

Restoring Roku Tv pin is much easier than you think. Forgetting Roku Tv pin can be irritating, but positive thing is that you can easily and quickly recover or reset Roku Tv pin.

how to Reset Roku TV Pin
Update Roku Pin through Roku pin

Let’s perform given steps.

  1. Go to Roku website and navigate to Account Section.
  2. Now, go to the forgotten password page.
  3. Enter you Roku account Email or Username.
  4. You will receive reset password link via email.

Make sure to enter correct email because you will be given a link for resetting Roku pin through email.

What to Do Next

Once, you received a link tap on it you will be redirect to reset password page. Follow the prompts to make new passwords for Roku Tv, always try to use hard and secure password.

Forgot Roku TV pin solution
Update Pin

Use special characters to make password more difficult for someone to guess. Hurray! your Roku password is now changed and you can easily login to your account.

What to know before Resetting Roku Tv Pin

Are you going to reset Roku Tv password? then you must need to settle down some key points in your mind.

  1. Remember Roku account email and the password associated it with.
  2. Summon up two step verification method such as serial code of streaming device or Roku activation code.
  3. Sign out from all devices.

After knowing these steps you can update your Roku password, always choose strong password and use special characters, numbers and mixed letters to make Roku password more difficult for someone to guess.

How to Secure Roku

Everyone wants to secure his data from illegal access, best way to secure your data is by using password. You can easily secure your data on Roku by using Roku Tv pin function. There are two main factors given below for securing data.

  1. Choose a Strong Password.
  2. Update your Password Frequently.

Choose a Strong Password

Resetting Roku TV password
Use special characters to make password unique and strong

To keep your Roku secure it is necessary to create a strong password for your Roku Tv. Use special characters, numbers and combination of uppercase and lowercase letters for example I want to change Roku Tv pin, my pin will be “Roku-Tv-Pin-123-@#$”.

Update your Password Frequently

A wise person always update Password frequently to remain secure. As you are also wise, you must update your Roku Tv password frequently.

How to update Roku TV pin
regular changes decrease security risks

Many people face security issue because of not updating password with the passage of time. If you want not to face any security issue then you have to update Roku password regularly.

Tips for keeping Roku account secure.

  1. Change Roku Password every month.
  2. Use Unique password.
  3. Do not use personal details (birthday or home address).
  4. Use combination of uppercase, lowercase and special characters.
  5. Do not share you password to anyone.

These 5 steps will help you not to face any security issue.


How to Reset Roku TV Pin?

To reset Roku Tv pin go to Roku website > Sign in > My Account > PIN preferences > Update/Reset Pin > Save Changes. Finally, you Roku Tv password is changed.

Why I need to change my Roku Tv Password?

Many people face security issue because they do not change Roku Password regularly, to remain safe from these issues you need to update Roku Tv pin frequently.

Why do I need a Roku PIN?

To keep Roku data secure from unauthorized access you need Roku Pin. You can easily change, update or reset Roku Tv pin anytime.

Do I need my current PIN to set a new one?

No, you do not need current pin to set new pin for your Roku Tv.

What if I forgot my Roku account password?

Navigate to Roku website and sign in, tap on “Forget Password” and follow prompts to reset Roku account password.


So, we have learnt how to reset Roku Tv pin. Changing Roku pin is not much difficult, you only need to follow given steps. Some people became panic whenever they forget Roku pin, this post is specially for those people.

If you still have any issue regarding Roku Tv pin comment section is only for you feel free to comment, our team will reach out you as quickly as feasible and also share this piece of information with your friends.

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