How to Connect Apple TV to WiFi without remote (Easy steps!)

Even the most prepared person can misplace a remote in today’s hectic technological environment. Don’t panic if your Apple TV remote is missing from your possession. It is surprisingly easy to connect your Apple TV to WIFI without a remote control.

As soon as “How to Connect Apple TV to WiFi without remote” is resolved, you can enjoy yourself to the fullest extent. Our gadgets are the entry points to a world of fun in the current digital era.

For a flawless watching experience, the well-known streaming device Apple TV needs a strong WIFI connection. But what would happen if your remote vanishes? You need not worry; we have you covered.

How to Connect Apple TV to WIFI without Remote

Use an Ethernet wire to link your Apple TV to your router. Launch the Apple TV Remote app on your Apple smartphone. Navigate to Learn Remote under Settings > Remotes & Devices.

Now, pair it with any infrared remote by following the directions on the screen. To connect to WiFi, use the remote that you just connected!

Utilize an extra IR remote, an Ethernet cable, and the Apple TV remote app.

How to Connect Apple TV to WiFi without remote
Upgrade your Apple TV connection using an additional IR remote, Ethernet cable, and the convenience of the Apple TV remote app.

You can use other techniques to connect your Apple TV to WiFi without a remote control. Start by attaching your Apple TV straight to your router using an Ethernet connection.

After establishing a physical connection, make sure your smartphone is connected to the same WiFi network and download the Apple TV Remote app.If you have a spare IR remote, grab that for an additional degree of control.

Infrared remotes that are compatible with Apple TV are included with a lot of TVs. To connect to WiFi, use the IR remote to navigate to the Apple TV settings, choose the Network option, and then adhere to the on-screen directions.

Follow these points:

  1. Use an Ethernet wire to connect the Apple TV to the router.
  2. On your smartphone, download the Apple TV Remote App.
  3. Make that the Apple TV and smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network.
  4. If you have an extra IR remote, use it to access the Apple TV’s settings.
  5. With the backup IR remote, you can connect to WiFi and take control even if your original remote is missing.

Utilize a Smart TV Remote

Improve your Apple TV experience by leveraging the functionality of a Smart TV remote for seamless connectivity.
Discover the convenience of using a Smart TV remote to enhance your Apple TV connectivity.

Your current gadgets can often contain creative answers. The remote that comes with a Smart TV is probably capable of controlling other devices.

To set up your Smart TV remote to control your Apple TV, consult the user manual. Without using the original Apple TV remote, you may effortlessly navigate and connect to WiFi in this manner.

Follow given steps:

  1. To find out how to program your Smart TV remote, consult the user handbook.
  2. Set up your Apple TV’s remote control with the Smart TV remote.
  3. With the preprogrammed Smart TV remote, navigate through the Apple TV settings.
  4. Instead of using the original Apple TV remote, use the Smart TV remote to connect to WiFi.

Rename your iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone, then connect to a hotspot.

Use the Apple ecosystem’s connectivity features to your advantage. Rename your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to make it look like the long-gone Apple TV controller.

Next, turn on your renamed device’s personal hotspot and link your Apple TV to it. With this little trick, you can easily modify WiFi settings by using your iOS smartphone as a makeshift controller.

Follow given steps:

  1. Change the name of your iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone to resemble the now-missing Apple TV remote.
  2. On the renamed iOS device, turn on the personal hotspot function.
  3. Link Apple TV to the WiFi hotspot that your renamed iOS device has generated.
  4. To adjust the WiFi settings on Apple TV, use the iOS device as a temporary remote control.

Modify the Password and SSID for a New WiFi Network

Learn the steps to modify the password and SSID for a new WiFi network, ensuring a swift Apple TV connection.
Tailor your Apple TV connectivity by adjusting the password and SSID for a new WiFi network with these straightforward steps.

Changing your WiFi network’s temporary password and SSID is another option. The gadget connects immediately if the credentials match those saved on your Apple TV.

After connecting, use the original password and SSID. Remember that this technique might cause other WiFi-enabled devices to momentarily disconnect.

Follow this:

  1. Make a temporary alteration to your WiFi network’s password and SSID.
  2. Check if the credentials on your Apple TV match the temporary ones.
  3. Give Apple TV permission to join automatically by providing the password and SSID that match.
  4. Once the connection has been established, go back to your WiFi network’s original SSID and password.

Replace the Apple TV remote that you lost or broke.

Consider getting a new Apple TV remote if the first one you lost or damaged isn’t working. Apple TV is compatible with a number of reasonably priced third-party remote controls.

Seek out solutions that have received good evaluations and confirm that they are specifically made for Apple TV. Once you have a new remote, connect to WiFi using the regular method that the Apple TV settings specify.

Follow this:

  • Invest in an Apple TV-compatible third-party remote control.
  • Using the new remote, go through the usual steps for setting up a WiFi connection in the Apple TV settings.
  • Replace the broken or misplaced Apple TV remote with the just purchased one.
  • Make sure the third-party remote has received good feedback and is made especially to work with Apple TVs.


Can I use any Bluetooth device as a remote for Apple TV?

Yes, many Bluetooth devices can be paired with Apple TV for control.

Is it safe to perform a factory reset without a remote?

Yes, a factory reset can be done without a remote, but ensure you have backed up important data.

Are there universal remotes compatible with Apple TV?

Yes, several universal remotes are compatible with Apple TV and can be used as alternatives.

Can I connect Apple TV to WiFi using a computer?

Yes, advanced users can navigate Apple TV settings through a computer for WiFi setup.

What should I do if none of the methods work?

If all else fails, contact Apple support for personalized assistance.


  • There are several options and ways to solve the problem of connecting your Apple TV to WiFi without a remote.
  • This tutorial enables you to stay effortlessly connected to your entertainment, whether via Ethernet cables, Smart TV remotes, or turning your iOS iPhone into a temporary remote.
  • When the original remote is missing, take this as a chance to learn more about how versatile your Apple TV is.
  • Accept these alternate approaches, maintain your connection, and carry on taking use of all the opportunities that Apple TV has to offer.
  • Please feel free to distribute these solutions to other Apple TV fans so that everyone can enjoy seamless viewing.

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