Roku App Removal Made Easy (Step-by-Step Guide)

Your Roku Tv is running out of storage? or became full from useless apps or channels and you want to delete apps from your Roku Tv, but don’t know how to do that. In this article, we will learn how can you delete channels from Roku Tv. let’s get started.

How to Delete Apps on Roku: Guide 2024

It is important to clean Roku Tv storage as it effects the performance of Tv. If your Roku Tv is overloaded with unnecessary apps and channels it will badly effects your Roku performance and it may result in Roku Tv slow speed.

how do i remove an app from my roku tv
Uninstall apps using different methods

Here’s what to do for removal of unless apps and channels:

  1. How to Remove Channels from Roku.
  2. Use the Roku Mobile App to Learn How to Delete Roku Apps.
  3. How to Use the Channel Store to Remove Channels from Roku.

How to Remove Channels from Roku

You can delete an app from Roku through Roku Tv interface.

Note:  You cannot delete the channel from Roku if you have an Active subscription. First you need to Cancel the subscription then you will be able to remove channel from Roku.

Here’s how to uninstall apps on Roku Tv.

  • Grab a remote and navigate to Roku Homepage.
Removing apps from Roku TV
navigate to homepage
  • Use arrow buttons to locate the channel you want to remove.
Delete a streaming app on Roku TV
highlight the desire channel using arrow keys
  • Go the channel you want to remove, press (*) button on Roku remote then select Remove channel.
Remove channel from Roku TV
remove channel
  • Follow In-screen prompts to complete the channel removal process.

Use the Roku Mobile App to Learn How to Delete Roku Apps

If you lost, damage or misplaced your Roku Tv remote, Roku Tv allows you to remove apps and channels using Roku mobile app from Roku Tv. Apps is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Note: To control Roku Tv using mobile app make sure that both Mobile and Roku Tv are connected to the Same Wi-Fi network. Roku app will not works if Roku and mobile connects to two different Wi-Fi network.

Perform given steps to delete channels from Roku Tv.

  1. Download and install Roku Tv app.
  2. Login using Roku account.
  3. Tap on Devices.
  4. Locate Roku, and tap Connect device.
  5. Press Apps on Roku.
  6. Press and hold the app or channel you want to remove.
  7. Now, tap Remove channel.

How to Use the Channel Store to Remove Channels from Roku

If you are unable to find apps or channels that you want to delete, Roku Tv allows you to remove them using channel store.

Note: Removing apps and channels from Roku Tv using channel store firstly introduced for older Roku Tv models. If you have new Roku model with up-to-date firmware and a Streaming store rather then Channel store, then this method will not works on your Tv.

Here’s how to use channel store to uninstall apps or channels.

  1. Grab your Roku remote and press Home button.
  2. Choose Streaming channels.
  3. Choose the Channel you want to uninstall and press OK on remote.
  4. Then select Remove channel and follow in-screen prompts to remove channel.

What Happens When You Can’t Remove a Channel From Roku?

If you are facing some problem in removing channel, ensure that you do not have any active subscription to the via Roku. Roku can’t allow you to remove channel with active subscription. So, cancel the subscription to remove channel.

How to delete apps on Roku TV
remove apps from Roku Tv

If you’re still experiencing problems uninstalling a channel from Roku, try these other solutions:

  1. Check your internet status: You can’t remove channel when your Roku is not connected to Roku server, to check this open stream and run other things to verify everything is working properly.
  2. Check for updates on Roku: Try updating Roku software to do this go to Settings > System > System Update > Check now. After updating, check if you are able to remove channels.
  3. Give your Roku TV a restart: Simply restarting Roku Tv can fix minor issue to restart Roku tv navigate to Settings > System > Power > System restart > Restart. Now see if you can delete the channel.
  4. Reset your network hardware: If everything is working properly, then it must be a router issue. Reset your router to see if you can uninstall the channels or apps.
  5. Factory reset your Roku: This is the last option you have left if all the presented methods doesn’t try factory reset your Roku Tv. To factory reset Roku Tv go to Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Factory reset. When reset done, set up your Roku Tv from scratch.


How do I uninstall an app on my Roku TV?

To uninstall an app simply follow given steps.

  1. Grab Tv remote and navigate to Homepage.
  2. Select Channel you want to uninstall.
  3. Press (*) on remote and select Remove app.
  4. Follow in-screen prompts to complete Uninstallation process.

How do I remove Netflix app from Roku TV?

To remove Netflix app from Roku Tv navigate to Homepage, press Start button (*) and then choose Remove channel.


Deleting useless apps or channels from Roku Tv is a simple to understand process and can be done using Roku Tv remote or Roku Tv app. By following the steps presented in this article you can keep your Roku Tv organized and it will boost your Tv performance.

What You Should Understand:

  • On Roku: Select the desire channel on Homepage, press (*) and choose Remove option.
  • Using Mobile app: Navigate to Devices > Channels, Press and hold the channel and press Remove channel.
  • Older Roku Models: Select Channel store > Channel to remove and then Remove Channel.

I hope this guide will help you to remove channels or apps from your Roku Tv. If you still have any issue comment section is just for you feel free to comment our team will approach you as quickly as feasible. If you find this informative please share this with your friends.

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