12 Signs That Indicate You Have a Smart TV

In this era of advanced technology, it is harder to differentiate between a Smart TV and a regular TV. In this article, we will learn how to determine if you have a Smart TV or not.

We will present some key points to help you recognize a Smart TV. By knowing these points, you will easily be able to tell if you have a Smart TV. Let’s unveil the mystery of your TV.

How Do I Know If I Have a Smart TV: Guide 2024

You have a TV but are confused about whether it is smart or not. Here are the key points to help you understand your television.

how do i know if i have a smart tv
If your Tv have streaming services it likely a smart Tv

Signs you have a smart Tv.

  1. Internet Connectivity.
  2. App Store Access.
  3. Web Browser.
  4. Built in Wi-Fi.
  5. Screen Mirroring.
  6. Voice Control.
  7. Ports and Connections.
  8. Checking Remote Control.
  9. Tv Model and Number.
  10. Checking Home Screen.
  11. Settings and System Information.
  12. Checking Brand of Your Tv.

These are the main points that makes your Tv smart. Let’s explain these points to know in-depth about smart tv features.

Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity is the basic point from which you can easily distinguish between a smart TV and a regular TV.

Internet connection helps you utilize your smart TV features such as streaming, watching movies, and playing online games. Almost every smart TV allows you to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi or Ethernet cables.

App Store Access

Another way to recognize a smart TV is by accessing the app store on your TV. Most smart TVs have a built-in app store where you can easily download and install desired apps.

How can I check if I have a smart TV
If your Tv have app store it indicates that your have a smart Tv

In smart TVs, popular streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime come pre-installed, so you don’t need to install additional streaming apps. Just access the internet, log in to your account, and enjoy streaming.

Web Browser

Web browser is another sign of smart TVs, that can only be accessed using internet. Web browser is tool that allows you to visit websites.

Signs of a smart TV
Having web browser in tv is a sign of smart tv

Web browser works like a window as it helps you to collect information, watch videos and read articles on internet. Most common web browser are Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

If your Tv allows you to access web browser then you have a smart Tv.

Built in Wi-Fi

Unlike regular TV’s that rely on cables and satellites connections, smart Tv frequently include built-in Wi-Fi feature.

Built-in Wi-Fi function allows you to connect to internet via wireless connection. Using this feature you can watch movies, play games and browse online without any hassle of tangling wire

Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring is also the identification of smart Tv. This ability of Smart Tv allows you to watch content on big screen.

Smart TV identification guide
Smart Tv allows you to share screen check if your tv allows or not

Most of the Smart TVs have built-in screen mirroring function, it allows you to watch your photography on Tv if photography is in mobile, through wireless connectivity.

You can also use third party apps if screen mirroring option is not available in your smartphone or in Tv.

Voice Control

Modern smart TVs comes with voice control integration. You can change channel, adjust tv settings, up or down volume and even on or off your Tv using voice command. Most popular voice recognition system are Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri.

If your Tv responds to voice command, its likely a smart Tv.

Ports and Connections

One obvious indication of smart TVs are ports and connection. Ports are very important component of every smart device, ports allow peripheral devices to connect with the smart device externally.

Checking if your TV is a smart TV
Smart Tv come with ports check if your tv have

If your tv has ports, it likely a smart Tv. As we all know in 2024 almost all smart TVs works via Wi-Fi connectivity so, the absence of Ethernet ports doesn’t mean that you Tv is not smart.

Checking Remote Control

While looking for streaming service logos like Netflix and Amazon Prime on the remote control can be useful, it’s not always accurate.

How to tell if my TV is smart
If streaming service logo displayed on your remote determined you have a smart tv

Checking remote control doesn’t grantee that you have a smart Tv because many Tv manufacturers’ remotes resemble universal remotes which may have features that can’t be utilized by your Tv.

Moreover, remote can easily be customized so, it is difficult to recognize smart Tv using remote.

Tv Model and Number

Here’s a more convenient method to recognize smart tv by checking Tv model or number.

Many smart TVs include “Roku” or “Smart” in Tv model names. To check your Tv model look at the back of the Tv. You can also found Tv model in Tv’ setting.

Checking Home Screen

Grab your Tv remote and press home button you will navigate to home screen.

Smart tv signs
Access home screen to identify if you have a smart tv or not

On home screen of you smart Tv, you will see icons of different applications. If your home screen display the icons of streaming devices like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon prime, it likely a smart Tv.

Settings and System Information

By utilizing setting and system information it is decent way, for checking if your Tv is a smart Tv.

Grab your Tv remote and press menu button on it, then menu screen will appear. Menu screen offer list of apps and various functions like Netflix or Hulu. If you Tv menu also giving you same interface or similar then you have a smart tv.

Checking Brand of Your Tv

Their are different Tv brands and they have unique method of identifying their smart Tv. In this article we learnt how to recognize smart TVs of different popular brands like LG smart Tv, Sony smart Tv and Samsung Smart Tv.

By having a proper knowledge of each brand you can easily recognize smart Tv.

Converting a Non-Smart TV

After analyzing all steps you discovered that your Tv is not smart, but don’t worry we will teach you how to convert non-smart tv to smart tv with using different streaming media available in market that can transform your Tv to smart.

how to convert non smart tv to smart tv
use streaming devices or gaming console to convert non smart tv in smart tv

Gaming console and laptop can be used to give your Tv a smart makeover.

Streaming Media Devices

Streaming media devices like Amazon firestick and Roku have ability to convert you non-smart tv to smart one.

You can connect these devices with your Tv via HDMI ports and these devices come with their own remote so that you can easily navigate.

Using these streaming media devices you can easily use popular streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix and can convert your regular Tv in smart Tv.

Gaming Consoles

Gaming consoles like Xbox and Play Station can also make your non-smart Tv smarter. You can connect gaming console with your Tv via HDMI port to access streaming media.

Ways to recognize a smart TV
control your Tv via gaming console

Navigating to app using gaming console is easier than streaming media devices.


How can you tell if the Sony Bravia TV you own is a smart TV?

Grab Sony Bravia Tv remote and press Home button on it. It will locate you to the home section. On home screen if you find “Tv Apps” section then it is an indicator that you have smart Tv.

How to know if your LG TV is a Smart TV?

Grab LG Tv remote and press Home button on it. It will take you to the home screen, look for Premium section on home screen. If you have got premium section then congratulations you have a smart Tv.

How to know if your Samsung is a Smart TV?

To recognize Samsung smart Tv press “Smart Hub” button on Tv remote. By pressing smart hub button you will navigate to smart hub section. There you will find smart apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

If you have Smart Hub section on your Samsung tv, it likely a smart Tv.

Are all TVs Smart?

Absolutely no, not every Tv is a smart Tv. Smart Tv can connect to internet and can access streaming services while regular Tv doesn’t offer these features.


In conclusion, identifying a smart Tv is not a difficult task. By checking your Tv remote, brand, model and menu you can easily recognize if your Tv is smart or not.

After checking everything if you discovered your tv is not smart don’t worry you can also convert your non-smart Tv in smart one by using streaming media and gaming consoles.

I hope this guide will help you, if you this informative please share this piece of information with your friends and if you want to give some feedback to improve our content please let us know in comment section.

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