Do Roku TVs have Bluetooth? ( A Comprehensive guide 100% )

My intention was to watch a late-night show on my just purchased TCL Roku TV without disturbing my family.

Out of habit, I grabbed for my Apple AirPods, but then realized that I wasn’t even positive whether my Roku TV could connect over Bluetooth.

1. Do Roku TVs Have Bluetooth?

It is true that Roku TVs, which are renowned for their feature-rich design and intuitive UI, have Bluetooth built in.

For customers who want to connect many devices smoothly and improve their viewing experience, this offers up a world of possibilities.

The majority of Roku TVs lack Bluetooth. These days, Roku produces the Plus Series 4K, a Bluetooth TV of its own. Bluetooth is not available on Roku TVs made by TCL, Hisense, or any other manufacturer.

Using the Roku Smart Sound bar with TV Wireless Speakers is one of the various workarounds. Although most Roku TVs do not support direct Bluetooth device pairing.

you may still utilize the Roku mobile app by first pairing your Bluetooth audio device with your phone and then turning on “private listening” within the app.

Now-a-Days many of the Roku TVs offering Bluetooth connectivity.

1.1 Private Listening Using the Roku App

Do Roku TVs have Bluetooth
Exploring the Bluetooth features of Roku TVs. Stay connected with the latest technology!

One extraordinary attribute of Bluetooth on Roku TVs is the capability to indulge in private listening using the Roku app.

This means you can enjoy your favorite shows or movies without disturbing others around you. Simply connect your Bluetooth headphones to the Roku TV, and through the app, initiate private listening mode for an immersive experience.

Follow the following steps to enable this feature:

  • Private Listening is a feature on Roku devices that allows users to listen to audio privately using the Roku mobile app.
  • Enter in the Roku app on your mobile phone.
  • Guarantee that your mobile phone is connected with the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku device.
  • choose the “Private Listening” option in the app.
  • The tone from the Roku device is rerouted to the joined headphones or earphones conjoined with the mobile device.
  • Private Listening allows users to enjoy content without disturbing others in the room, making it an individualized audio experience.
  • This feature is supported on various Roku streaming devices, providing flexibility in its application.
  • Users can control the volume of the private listening experience directly from the Roku app.
  • Prime for late-night viewing or in situations where maintaining a quieter environment is necessary.
  • Both the Roku device and the mobile device need to be on the same network for Private Listening to function.
  • Private Listening works with standard headphones or earphones connected to the audio jack or paired via Bluetooth to the mobile device.
  • Private Listening through the Roku app enhances user convenience by providing a seamless and customizable audio experience.
  • This feature adds a layer of personalization to the Roku viewing experience, allowing users to enjoy content without disturbing others in their vicinity.
Illustration showing a person wearing headphones while enjoying private listening on a Roku device through the Roku app
Immerse yourself in a personal audio experience! Discover the convenience of private listening using the Roku app—seamless entertainment without disturbing others

1.2 Connecting Bluetooth-Compatible Devices

The Bluetooth integration in Roku TVs extends beyond private listening. Users can connect a variety of Bluetooth-compatible devices to their Roku TVs.

This includes wireless speakers, sound bars, keyboards, and other supplements. The method is easy to use, and we’ll lead you through the steps to guarantee a smooth setup.

Follow the following steps to move on:

  • Turn on Bluetooth in the device settings.
  • Access the Bluetooth menu.
  • Select “Pair a new device.
  • Make the device discoverable.
  • Wait for available devices to appear on the list.
  • Choose the desired device from the list.
  • Confirm the pairing request.
  • Input the passcode if prompted for additional security.
  • Successful pairing confirmation.
  • Devices are now connected.
  • Verify functionality (audio, file transfer, etc.).
  • Check Bluetooth settings.
  • Ensure devices are within the Bluetooth range.
  • Restart Bluetooth on both devices if issues persist.
  • Access Bluetooth settings.
  • Select the connected device and choose “Disconnect” or “Forget.”
Image depicting a television screen displaying a software update in progress, ensuring optimal performance with the latest updates.
Keep your entertainment center up-to-date! This snapshot captures the importance of regular software updates for your TV. Stay tuned for a seamless viewing experience

Keep in mind that depending on the kind and brand of devices involved, particular processes may change.


1. Do all Roku TVs come with Bluetooth capability?

Not every Roku TV model has Bluetooth included. Negotiate the product attributes found in the user manual or on the manufacturer’s website to find out if the Roku TV you own has Bluetooth.

2. Can I attach several Bluetooth device to my Roku TV?

Universally, Roku TVs support a mixture of Bluetooth-enabled devices, within headphones, speakers, and input devices. However, it’s thoughtful to check the Balance list in your TV’s manual for Precise specifics.

3. What should I do if my Roku TV’s Bluetooth isn’t functioning?

If you have any problem connecting via Bluetooth, guarantee the devices are within the advocated range and that there is no tampering before pursuing to connect.

Restarting the Roku TV and the Bluetooth device will often solve connectivity matter.

4. Are there security concerns with using Bluetooth on Roku TVs?

Bluetooth connections on Roku TVs are generally secure. Nevertheless, in order to reduce any possible security threats, it’s crucial to use the most updated software version and adhere to recommended standards for device twining.

5. I have a Roku TV; can I use Bluetooth headphones with it?

For private listening, Bluetooth headphones are supported on Roku TVs. To enjoy immersive audio, just pair your Bluetooth headphones with the TV and start private listening using the Roku app.


  • To sum up, Roku TVs with Bluetooth integration improve user experience by providing smooth connectivity with multiple devices.
  • Roku TVs offer a versatile and contemporary entertainment solution, including the ability to connect external speakers and listen in privacy with Bluetooth headphones.
  • Even with certain drawbacks, like the private listening feature’s one-user-at-a-time restriction.
  • Bluetooth on Roku TVs generally improves the ease and enjoyment of home entertainment.
  • On Roku TVs, users can anticipate an intuitive user interface as well as potential future developments in Bluetooth technology.
  • To receive the most out of your screen involvement, check out your Roku TV’s Bluetooth traits and Stay on the lookout for updates that could enhance your entertainment options even more.

For any specific inquiries or troubleshooting, it’s recommended to refer to your Roku TV’s user manual or contact Roku’s customer support for personalized assistance.

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