how to connect vizio tv to wifi without remote (2024 Guide)

Do you want to connect your Vizio TV to WIFI without remote?. If yes, you are not alone many other people like you are also want to connect Vizio TV to WIFI without remote. You are all at right place.

Remote is an essential component of tv as it helps the user to switch input, change channels or even it help to connect WIFI with tv. Sometimes, we lose our tv remote or it’s broken. Then what will we do in this situation?. Read this article complete and follow the given steps to achieve it.

How to Connect Vizio TV to Wi-Fi without Remote

Connecting Vizio Tv to Wi-Fi without remote is not a challenging task. Perform the given steps to move on.

  1. Via USB Mouse and Keyboard.
  2. Via Universal Remote Control.
  3. Via Vizio Mobile App.
  4. Via Ethernet Cable.

Via USB Mouse and Keyboard

Almost every Vizio TV have USb port to connect peripheral devices like USB mouse and keyboard etc.

how to connect vizio tv to wifi without remote
Use USB Keyboard and Mouse to connct WiFi

Here how to do it;

  1. First of all find USB port on the side or back side of Vizio Tv
  2. Connect you keyboard or mouse to Vizio Tv through USB port.
  3. Go to the Wi-Fi setting using mouse and select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect
  4. Then put password using keyboard. Boom you are now connected with Wi-Fi without using remote.

Via Universal Remote Control

You can also use universal remote control to connect your Vizio Tv to Wi-Fi without using remote. For who don’t know, universal remote control is used to manage multiple devices at once.

As universal remotes are used to manage multiple devices, universal remote manufactured by different manufacturer has different method to program with tv.

Therefore, if you have universal remote first you need to program it with you Vizio tv to use it.

Via Vizio Mobile App

Vizio has an official app which is available on  Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can download Vizio mobile app from given platforms.

connect vizio tv to wifi through mobile app
connect wifi using mobile app

Using this app, you can convert your mobile into remote and can fully control your Vizio Tv, then you can connect your Vizio tv to Wi-Fi without remote.

Perform given steps:

  1. Firstly download Vizio Tv app on your smartphone from Google Play Store Or Apple App store.
  2. When installed, open the app and sign in to your account.
  3. Tap on Select Device, then press Add a Device to connect your tv with app.
  4. Now, press your Vizio Tv  and a code will appear.
  5. Enter the code in Vizio Tv app to finish pairing.
  6. In the bottom, press Remote and he virtual remote will appear.
  7. Now use it like a physical remote.

Via Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cable is used for wired Wi-Fi network. We can also connect Vizio Tv to Wi-Fi without remote through connecting Tv and router via ethernet cable.

how to connect vizio tv to wifi without remote
Connect wifi to tv via ethernet cable

When you connect your ethernet cable with Vizio tv it will automatically connect with internet without any remote. Ethernet cable creates a link between the Tv and the router.


Can I connect my TV to Wi-Fi without remote?

Indeed, you can connect your tv to Wi-Fi without remote. You can use USB Mouse, universal remote Control, Vizio Mobile App or Ethernet cable to connect tv with Wi-Fi.

How can I connect Vizio tv to WIFI without remote?

You can connect Vizio tv to WIFI via USB Mouse and Keyboard, via Universal Remote Control, via Vizio Mobile App, via Ethernet Cable.

Can Vizio TVs work without a remote?

Indeed, you can use Vizio Tv without remote. Turn it on and start watching.

Why won’t my Vizio TV connect to Wi-Fi?

There can be several issues behind this. Firstly make sure that the wireless source, which is surely a router or access point is working accurately. We a have a dedicated guide on Vizio Tv won’t connect to WiFi.


Connecting Vizio tv with WiFi without using remote is not challenging anymore. This guide was for those who wants to connect Vizio tv to WiFi without remote. I hope that this guide will help you to connect WiFi.

If you still have any issue please feel free to contact comment section is only for you guys. Please also share this piece of information with your friends.

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