Arris Modem Lights (What They Signify & How to Fix Them!)

One great approach to get the most of your high-speed internet subscription is to purchase an Arris modem.

It’s difficult to picture these modems giving you problems when they can handle rates of more than 1 GB—that is, until the Arris modem lights flash and shut off!

Every Arris modem has four to six lights, each of which indicates the health of your internet connection. By using them to identify the problems with your internet connection, you can troubleshoot more quickly and easily and get back online sooner!

Arris Modem Lights Breakdown: What They Mean

Arris modems are equipped with various lights that convey essential information about the status and functionality of your internet connection. Understanding these lights is crucial for troubleshooting and ensuring a smooth online experience.

1. Power Light

The power light on your Arris modem serves as its heartbeat.

  • A solid green power light indicates that the modem is properly powered on and functioning.
  • If this light is off, it signals a lack of power.

Ensure the power cable is securely connected and consider checking the power outlet.

1.1 Receive Light

The receive light is an indicator of your modem’s ability to receive downstream signals from your internet service provider (ISP).

  • A solid green light here signifies a successful reception.
  • A flashing green light indicates that the modem is actively scanning for a downstream signal.

1.2 Send Light

Conversely, the send light pertains to the modem’s ability to send upstream signals to the ISP.

  • A solid green send light assures proper transmission.
  • A flashing green light suggests that the modem is in the process of seeking an upstream connection.

1.3 Online Light

The online light is your confirmation of a successful connection to the internet.

  • A solid green light indicates that your modem is online and ready for action.
  • A flashing green light suggests that the modem is still in the registration process with the network.

1.4 2.4 GHz Light and 1.5 5 GHz Light

These lights relate to the Wi-Fi functionality of your Arris modem.

  • A solid green 2.4 GHz light signifies the operational status of the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi radio.
  • The 5 GHz light indicates the status of the 5 GHz Wi-Fi radio.

Both lights may flash during data transmission, showcasing the wireless activity in your network.

1.6 Link Light

The link light represents the connection between your modem and a device, typically a router or computer, through an Ethernet cable.

  • A solid green link light means a stable connection.
  • A flashing green light indicates active data transmission between the modem and the connected device.

2. How to Diagnose WiFi Troubles Using Arris Modem Lights

Arris Modem Lights
Dive into the world of Arris modem lights and learn how to diagnose and fix WiFi troubles like a pro.

Understanding the significance of these lights can empower you to diagnose and resolve Wi-Fi issues effectively.

2.1 Assessing Power Light

Check the power light to ensure the modem is receiving power. If it’s off, examine the power connection and consider trying a different power outlet.

2.2 Analyzing Receive and Send Lights

Solid green lights in both cases are ideal. If they are flashing, it might be normal during startup. If the lights stay off, inspect the cables and signal strength.

2.3 Examining Online Light

A solid green online light assures a successful internet connection. If it’s flashing, the modem is still in the process of registering. If this persists, further investigation may be needed.

2.4 Checking Wi-Fi Lights

Both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz lights should be solid green for operational Wi-Fi. Flashing lights indicate data transmission. If there are issues, consider adjusting the Wi-Fi settings or checking for interference.

2.5 Verifying Link Light

A solid green link light means a stable Ethernet connection. If it’s flashing, data is actively transferring between the modem and the connected device. If it’s off, check the Ethernet cable and device connection.

3. Troubleshooting and Fixing Your Arris Modem Issues

Decoding Arris Modem Lights: A Guide to WiFi Troubleshooting
Understanding the language of Arris modem lights is the key to resolving WiFi issues effectively. Each light signifies a different aspect, helping you troubleshoot and maintain a seamless internet connection.

Encountering connectivity problems? Let’s explore practical fixes.

3.1 Fix #1 – Check Every Cable

Ensure all cables are securely connected. Inspect for physical damage, and replace any damaged cables to restore connectivity.

  • Step-by-Step Guide:
    • Inspect Power Cable:
      1. Verify that the power cable is securely connected to both the modem and the power outlet.
      2. Check for any physical damage to the power cable.
    • Examine Ethernet Cables:
      1. If your modem is connected to a device via Ethernet, inspect the Ethernet cable.
      2. Ensure that both ends of the Ethernet cable are securely plugged into the modem and the connected device.
      3. Look for any visible damage to the Ethernet cable, such as cuts or bends.
    • Check Coaxial Cable:
      1. If your modem connects to the internet through a coaxial cable, inspect this connection.
      2. Ensure that the coaxial cable is tightly connected to both the modem and the wall outlet.
      3. Examine the coaxial cable for any wear or damage.
    • Wi-Fi Router Connection:
      1. If your modem is connected to a Wi-Fi router, check the cables between the modem and the router.
      2. Ensure all cables are securely connected and undamaged.
  • Why It Matters:
    1. Loose or damaged cables can lead to intermittent or no connectivity issues.
    2. A secure and undamaged cable connection is crucial for maintaining a stable internet connection.
  • Additional Tips:
    1. Consider using cable ties or organizers to keep cables neatly arranged and prevent tangling.
    2. If you find any damaged cables, replace them with new ones to ensure reliable connections.
  • Outcome:
    1. After checking and securing all cables, you should observe if there are any improvements in the modem lights.
    2. This step addresses common connectivity issues stemming from cable-related issues.

3.2 Fix #2 – Reset the Modem

Power cycle the modem by unplugging it for 10 seconds and then plugging it back in. Allow the modem to restart and check if lights stabilize.

  • Step-by-Step Guide:
    • Unplug the Power Cable:
      1. Locate the power cable connected to your Arris modem.
      2. Gently unplug the power cable from the modem.
  • Wait for 10 Seconds:
      1. Allow the modem to remain unplugged for approximately 10 seconds.
      2. This step ensures that the modem fully powers down.
    • Plug in the Power Cable:
      1. Reconnect the power cable to the modem securely.
      2. Ensure it is plugged into the correct power source.
    • Wait for Restart:
      1. Allow the modem a few moments to restart and initialize.
      2. Observe the modem lights during this process.
  • Why It Matters:
    1. Resetting the modem can help clear temporary glitches and refresh the device’s settings.
    2. It provides a clean start for the modem to establish a stable connection.
  • Additional Tips:
    1. While the modem is restarting, avoid making changes to its settings or unplugging other cables.
    2. It’s a common troubleshooting step recommended by many ISPs for resolving connectivity issues.
  • Outcome:
    1. After completing the modem reset, check the status of the modem lights.
    2. The lights should gradually stabilize, indicating a successful reboot.
    3. This step addresses issues related to temporary glitches in the modem’s operation.

3.3 Fix #3 – Contact Arris Customer Support, Your Internet Service Provider, or Both

If issues persist, reaching out to Arris customer support or your ISP is the next step. They can provide specific guidance and assistance.

  • When to Consider This Fix:
    1. If the previous troubleshooting steps (checking cables and resetting the modem) did not resolve the issues.
    2. When encountering technical problems beyond your control or expertise.
  • Steps to Follow:
    • Contact Arris Customer Support:
      1. Locate the customer support contact information for Arris, typically available on their official website.
      2. Reach out to Arris customer support via phone, email, or online chat.
      3. Provide detailed information about the issues you are experiencing and follow their guidance for further troubleshooting.
    • Contact Your Internet Service Provider:
      1. Find the customer support contact details for your ISP, usually available on their website or on your billing statement.
      2. Report the issues you’re facing with the Arris modem and seek assistance.
      3. ISPs can diagnose and address network-related problems that might be affecting your connection.
  • Why It Matters:
    1. Professional assistance from Arris and your ISP can provide in-depth analysis and solutions tailored to your specific situation.
    2. They have access to advanced diagnostics tools and can identify issues beyond the scope of user troubleshooting.
  • Additional Tips:
    1. Be prepared to provide your modem’s model number, serial number, and any error messages you’ve encountered when contacting support.
    2. Follow any instructions provided by Arris or your ISP promptly to expedite the resolution process.
  • Outcome:
    1. Customer support teams can guide you through advanced troubleshooting steps or arrange for further assistance.
    2. If the issue is related to network infrastructure or requires a replacement modem, they can initiate the necessary actions.
    3. This step ensures that you have exhausted all available resources to address persistent connectivity problems.


  1. What does a flashing power light on my Arris modem mean?

    • It indicates the modem is booting up, a normal process during startup.
  2. How can I tell 2.4 GHz from 5 GHz lights on my Arris modem?

    • They’re labeled. Solid green means operational, and flashing indicates data transmission.
  3. Should I worry if the Link light is off?

    • Yes, it signals no active Ethernet connection. Check cable connections and look for damage.
  4. How do I reset my Arris modem?

    • Unplug the power for 10 seconds, then plug it back in. This helps resolve temporary glitches.
  5. Can I replace the modem’s battery myself?

    • Check the manual or contact Arris support. Modem batteries may need professional handling.


  • In conclusion, understanding the language of Arris modem lights is fundamental for maintaining a reliable internet connection.
  • The breakdown of each light, from power to link, provides valuable insights into the modem’s functionality.
  • Utilizing this knowledge, users can diagnose and troubleshoot common issues efficiently, ensuring a seamless online experience.
  • Remember, regular monitoring of the modem lights is akin to a health check for your digital lifeline.
  • If basic fixes like checking cables and resetting the modem don’t resolve issues, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from Arris customer support or your Internet Service Provider.
  • Their expertise can address more complex problems and ensure a swift resolution.
  • By staying proactive and informed, users can navigate and troubleshoot Arris modem issues effectively, guaranteeing a consistent and reliable internet connection for all their digital needs.

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